Mummy's got a new {COACH} bag!


Thanks to Adair and my mom! Happy Birthday to me!


An evening stroll with Dad



Lollieland Love - New Etsy Finds


For those of you who know me well, know that i totally, completely love Etsy.

Here are a couple of my brand new purchases from Lollieland's shop on Etsy.


EZ is 15 months today!

...and learning to take off his arm at a time.

He's got his 15 month shots on Monday, so we'll get his official "stats" then.


Helvetica Love


i heart helvetica. seriously. i even saw the documentary "helvetica" and was enthralled.

so when i found these amazing salt & pepper shakers, i fell in love with their vintage vibe featuring my favourite font. helvetica.

could anything be more lovely for a rainy day? i had to purchase them right away.

happy early birthday to me :)


Sesame Street Love


EZ isn't really into TV, except for one show. The beloved Sesame Street.

When it comes on, EZ claps and jumps up and down at the sight of Murray, Elmo and all the other characters.

Then he climbs up on the couch and watches intently. He even said, "Elmo" this week when he came on the screen.

But, alas, he always has time to hug and cuddle with his best friend Ginger!



Seeing Red...or maybe Feeling Red.


So I got my hair did today. Buh-bye blondie - Red is the RAGE!


Good Friday


Good Friday was GREAT!

It was HOT. It felt like an amazing summer day!

We hung out outside. Yep, in APRIL! Adair weeded the garden, mowed the lawn, and EZ and I played soccer and played with all his outside toys.

Then we moved on to my sister's house for Good Friday dinner al fresco. Seriously, it was 30 degrees. It felt like summer. It was amazing. We just enjoyed a quiet time in her gorgeous backyard, dining on veggies, a cheese tray, and sushi!

Aren't these cookies simply adorably?

The floral arrangement was modern and elegant.

And EZ had his first frozen lemonade. He's HOOKED!


Easter Tipping


Adair's annual tradition is Egg Tipping every Easter. I've never really understood the point, but it's a big deal to him {well not enough that he bought any eggs for it or anything!}, so it's going to be a TRADITION in our home.

First you dye the eggs. We're not that fancy, so we just used regular food dye.

EZ wanted to get into the action too! He even had his own spoon!

The 6 expired eggs we had were perfectly dyed into lovely Spring-y, pastel colours. Bring on Easter!

Once the eggs are dyed, you and another person tap the tips of your eggs together, and whoever's egg cracks first loses. Is that how it works?

EZ thought this was a very fun game indeed!

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