Saying So Long to Maternity Pants


I seem to be confessing to a lot of things lately. I guess that comes with shedding weight - all my secrets are coming out.

Here's another...

I've been wearing maternity pants for the last 8 months. Yep, it's sad but true.

And like all those fashion-challenged women on What Not to Wear say,
"But they're so comfortable!"

It's VERY true, they're so comfortable.

But what's an even SWEETER feeling than maternity pants?

Being a fit, happy, healthy, energetic mum - who just happens to fit into regular size clothes!

So bye-bye for now, comfy maternity pants! I like my new, skinnier self!


EZ's 1st day in daycare!


Today was EZ's first day with his caregiver Andrea. Apparently it went REALLY well.

EZ was such a happy little dude. No big surprise there!

It's such a good feeling to know your babe is being loved and taken care of so well when you're @ work. Relief. Comfort.

Ezra is amazing. I miss him incredibly during the day.

My heart skips a beat when I see his smiley face when I get home from work.

Life is good. We are blessed.




Here's my latest update - 17 lbs lost since Aug 7th! And I feel great!

SO great that I have an announcement....

I am running/walking/jogging the...


It will be then be about ONE YEAR since I was in the hospital, unable to walk, wondering if I would EVER bounce back.

So I'm officially "in tr
aining" again.

And I can't wait to wear ORANGE in MIAMI!!!


COACH - Using The Secret

Hello Universe. Mummy Maggie wants these Coach shoes, please.

Thank you.


U-Skinnygirl Update - Week 2


I've lost 13 lbs since August 7th!


The 1st few days were hard. Not like crazy hard.

Now I feel AMAZING! Full of energy, and not hyped up on Diet Dr. Pepper.

I'm eating whole, natural foods in proper portions.

I drink tons of water - like 4-5 litres/day.

I'm so motivated to continue!


Our fab new Umbrella Stroller!


It's the new UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stoller! {in Black of course!}


Adair & EZ @ the Butterfly Conservatory


Working Girl


Well, mummy's back to work this week! And honestly, it's not as bad as I thought. I guess the thing is that I never really thought about it. I refused to dwell on the fact I was going back to work - I didn't want to waste one minute sulking and worried, when I could've been having a blast with EZ.

I miss EZ like mad in the day, but my job is really busy so the days seem to fly by. I just love to come home and see his sweet face :) Adair's loving being a SAHD, at least for the time being. EZ and daddy go for walks {to Home Depot and 2001 Audio & Video!}, go to the park, work in the garden and around the house, then go for drives {to Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart!}.

My nerve injury has been healing pretty well, but since being back @ work I've aggravated my hip flexors by sitting so much {my physiotherapist told me this. I don't usually use the words "hip flexors" in everyday conversation!}. I'm in...well, I wouldn't use the word AGONY, but pretty darn close! I had a great session @ physio tonight, so I'm hoping for the best!

My new wellness regime is going well! I've lost 8 3/4 lbs since last Friday! YAY ME!


Skinny Me - LIVE LOVE LOSE! Week One


This past Friday I started at a weight loss wellness clinic. It's going really well so far. It's a huge lifestyle change for me though. I've realized I have to change my palate.

Since getting pregnant last April, I've only been craving crappy, kiddie foods and junk food. I had to eat a lot too because it was the only thing that made me less nauseated. I also avoided aspartame so I was drinking full-sugar sodas. Water gave me bad heartburn, enough that I actually required medication to calm the burning.

After the baby was born, my plan was to sign up for a Fall marathon. But as you are well aware, life is full of surprises and my nerve injury during EZ's delivery prevented me from exercising {let alone walking confidently} for several months.

So here I am. Overweight and unhappy. I decided to do something about it to regain the REAL ME back. I joined this wellness clinic who will monitor my food and water intake. I have also joined the gym. It's a 24 hr gym so no excuses. And of course, I always have my passion - Bellydancing!

Friday was the 1st day of my new life. It was hard. But I have to remind myself that:

1. I've done this before. I've lost 70 lbs before completely unassisted.

2. Eating healthy isn't hard. It's a pleasure. Childbirth is hard. Running marathons is hard. Not eating junk food - not so hard. Just a mind-set change.

3. Be 100% HONEST. Cheating on this lifestyle is not only cheating myself -- it's actually cheating my baby. And my baby is more important than fast food drive throughs.

4. I've got to choose to be active everyday. It's a choice. I must make working out a priority.

5. It all adds up. Parking far away from the store so I have to walk further. Go into the bank to get $ from the ATM - don't do drive-through banking. Running up & downstairs at the new house. Cardio is easy to fit in and every little bit counts.

6. Avoid TV. Not only do you just sit and veg in front of a tv, but the ads make me hungry! I'm a total sucker for advertising, so if I see an ad for a juicy cheeseburger or decadent chocolate - then that's all I can think about.


Seven months old today!!!


Little EZ isn't so little anymore!

Ezra is now seven months old.

He's a wonderful baby who is growing up so fast!

Here's his latest developments:

  • He's mastered crawling. He's super fast and he can crawl anywhere!
  • He's now trying to stand up. He's always on the lookout for some leverage to help him stand. His current favourites are the kitchen chairs and the stairs.
  • He's a tough kid and way more adventurous than me. He's the kind of child that when he falls down, he rarely cries and just gets up again to tackle his task {usually trying to stand up}.
  • He's starting to shuffle too. He stands up, using his Bumbo chair for support, then shuffles throughout the room.
  • He's loving eating new foods. We've tried lots of veggies, so I think we'll be moving onto fruit too.
  • He's still mastering the Bottle, but Mummy goes back to work tomorrow so he's options are going to be extremely limited.
  • He loves hanging out with daddy and doing work around the new house! EZ just loves to be active!
  • He has 5 teeth and more poking through - and he's suffered through the teething process like a champ!


MummyFit Import


I've been keeping a secret from this blog.

I've been simultaneously writing a mummyfit blog re: balancing my health and wellness with being a new mom. To be honest, my posts were infrequent {at best}, not very funny, and quite pathetic since I've basically done nothing to improve my health and fitness level since EZ was born.

But no more.

I've teamed up with a two fab gals and we're going to be launching a fitness blog together shortly. I've imported the mummyfit blog to this blog for your reading pleasure. Or not.

I'll keep you posted.

This week I start at both the wellness clinic {for weight loss} and the gym. Yep, you read that right! I joined the gym.

Oh, did I mention I go back to work next Monday?

Here goes...everything!!!


New House Update!

I'm sure you'll forgive me for my infrequent blogging. This past week has been manic since we moved on Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. But it's definitely worth the effort.

Here are some things we've noticed so far about our new house:

1. This house is much bigger than our townhouse. By about 800 sq. ft. It's a challenge to fill, but at the same time, it has vast amounts of storage. I actually have a place for everything, so unpacking {although annoying} was/is a breeze.

2. There's a wasps nest or something like that at our front door. Vast amounts of Raid are necessary for the present. Perhaps we'll need a professional.

3. The house needs to be painted. During our walk-throughs, we never really noticed all the touch-ups that are necessary. Also the trim is off-white - which I cannot stand. It NEEDS to be white, preferably Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

4. We're glad we didn't purchase any light fixtures or furniture for the new house because we've already revamped the design. We also have an interior designer coming tomorrow, so we can expect for changes.

5. Double garages ROCK! Especially ones with garage door openers, work benches, bright lighting, and even a FRIDGE! We can have a party in our huge double garage!

6. Our backyard is also gi-normous! Much bigger than we remember and lots of room for EZ and Ginger to play in. It has a patio and is fully-fenced. It has a big shed which we don't need so we're selling that on Craigslist. Now we need a bbq. And a edge trimmer. And a lawn mower.

7. It's not going to take that much money or work to get this house looking gorgeous and decorated to my taste.

8. Our new counter-height kitchen table, albeit not from the pages of Architectural Digest is perfect our family and for entertaining. It really lends itself well to comfortably "hanging out" - which is exactly what we want in our kitchen area.

9. We live 1 minute and 20 seconds from Home Depot. Door to door. Yes I timed it.

10. Moving is such a pain. We are blessed with family & friends who sacrificed their weekend to help us. Thank you to all!

Here are some snapshots of the house. Other rooms are not ready to have their picture taken just yet!

The living room, looking through the kitchen.

The living room and the fireplace. You may ask where the TV is. It's at the store. Unpurchased as of yet.

The dining room. Going to be the jewel box of the house in the next couple of years.

The 2nd floor family room. A huge bedroom was converted to a family room. Better use of space for our family!


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