Where I've been for the last 17 days


I've been watching the great Canadian Olympians win GOLD on home turf!

I hope you enjoyed the Vancouver Olympics as much as we did!


Canadians can show our Golden Swagger, now! So proud to be Canadian!


EZ is no longer a baby...


Apologies for the poor quality of the iPhone picture...

EZ is a changed kidlet in the last 2 weeks.

EZ is officially a TODDLER.

We cannot keep up with all his activity. This is a kid on the move, for sure.

He's running, kicking, sweeping, and now using his broom as a stand-in hockey stick. Or a golf club? Anyway, he's obsessed with sports and loves watching the Olympics!

We went to the park this afternoon {to celebrate the warm-ish Spring-like weather}. We took his red wagon and it was a BIG hit! Once we got to the park, we played on the swings, the slide and the horsies, but he just wanted to get back into his red wagon. We ended going to 4 parks this afternoon because EZ was so keen to keep going in his wagon.

He's talking more and more. He's expanded his vocabulary to add "kick" {as in soccer}, and we think he's saying his name as "Ra Ra", which when you say his name quickly could conceivably come out as "Ra Ra". That or I listen to Lady Gaga too much :)


The Book of Negroes


Whoa. Seriously. Whoa.

This book is truly a masterpiece. It's a moving historical fiction based on one woman's experience from growing up loved by her parents in a small African village, to being kidnapped and sold into slavery in the U.S. It's a very sad story, but also a story of redemption and hope.

It's fantastic. Highly recommended. And the author is from Canada! YAY!

I'm now into Elizabeth Gilbert's "Committed." She wrote my favourite book, "Eat, Pray, Love", so I'm excited to see how this follow-up book will turn out!


The Fear Confessions

I have a confession to make

One of my biggest fears about being a parent is that I'm NOT doing something fundamental.

Sometimes Adair and I look at each other, like, "What are we doing?" I'm worried that one day someone's going to ask us if we do {whatever}, and be shocked that we don't. Like something really basic, like, "As if you didn't know you had to do that!"

I know this is probably run-of-the-mill new parent anxiety. But it does keep me up some nights.

I can rest assured that all is well with EZ because he just continues to be the sweetest bundle of activity and happiness. His walking is REALLY coming along. He's running and kicking a ball. He's chatty and conversational. He learns new words every few days. He loves to laugh, and squeal with delight when he's tickled. He also dances every time he hears music.

Even if I am missing something fundamental about parenting, EZ doesn't seem to notice.


Valentine's Day 2010


Earlier this week, Adair and I had a conversation about Valentine's Day. This conversation abruptly ended when Adair said, "Oh. Do we still do that?"

Ummmm. Yah. Seriously.

I sent him forwards of email deals to Niagara-on-the-Lake, theatre tickets, links to jewelry, and even droned on about how I need an Egyptian-style bellydance costume.

I don't think he understood my not-so-mild pushing for a decent Valentine's gift. I don't think I even got anything last year.

It was hard to listen to my work colleagues discuss their Valentine's Day plans. One of my male colleagues is having 5 dozen roses delivered to his wife's work, then they're driving back to where they met at law school, and reliving their 1st Valentine's Day together. Same restaurant and same movie theatre. So romantic.

So I got him a card. Nothing else. I didn't want to set a bad example.

But Adair came through, the best he could without any help. He got me a card, chocolates and pretty flowers.

I am admittedly hard to buy for. I usually buy myself whatever I want, whenever I want it.

Maybe next year, diamond studs or a little necklace from Tiffany? Or maybe next year, I'll take the lead and show my husband how Valentine's Day can be done. Around Valentine's Day 2003 is the day we started dating, so it's kind of an anniversary for us.


Anyway, here's a list of 14 things that I love:
  1. My son - my bf - EZ
  2. My husband, family, and my dog Gingy
  3. Fresh food - especially when I make it!
  4. Red velvet cupcakes
  5. Running in the early morning
  6. Arabic music and bellydancing - oh and hummus! I heart the Middle East!
  7. Etsy
  8. Fresh Magazines
  9. IKEA
  10. Design blogs
  11. My iPhone
  12. Trashy, guilty pleasure TV shows {Survivor, Real Housewives, etc}
  13. The Tour de France.
  14. Travelling. Anywhere. Anytime.


The Chair

In the beginning of September 2005, I embarked on my articles. I went from a summer of semi-carefree fun with my only job to write a series of Bar exams , to working 110 hrs/week. I never left the office before 11pm, at the earliest.

I was also deep in the throes of training for my first marathon at the end of September.

I was busy, tired and aching that first week. My only hope was for Friday. Friday was the only day of the week that we could leave the office at 5pm - on the dot.

One afternoon that first week, I asked Adair to go to the nice salon at the end of our street, which was in a fairly trendy area of town. I asked him to go into the salon, check it out and if it was decent, book me a Friday appointment for a relaxing, pampering pedicure. But only if they had "The Chair." You know, the nice, comfy, back-massaging, reclining, vibrating chairs?

He called me later that night to confirm that he had indeed been to the salon and thought it was nice, and booked my pedicure appointment. I asked him, "Do they have a chair?" He assured me that they had a chair. What a sweet, loving husband I have!

So all week, despite crippling exhaustion from work and marathon-training, I was looking forward to my wonderful pedicure. I really built up my anticipation since it appeared to be the only moment of relaxation and rejuvenation of that week. I raced home right at 5pm to get to my pedi appointment.

I walked into the salon. It sure seemed nice. I was warmly greeted, and I was asked to follow the esthetician. I followed her through the nice salon, then was lead downstairs. Hmmm...that's kinda weird. As we descended the staircase into the basement of the salon, there appeared to be a marked difference in the decoration.

The basement was an old, dingy, undecorated, cluttered with old unused equipment. Clearly not like the salon upstairs. Then I saw it. The chair. Nope, not a fancy pedicure spa chair.

The chair I saw was a grimy plastic lawn chair - with a bucket next to it. Ya know, for the soapy water for my tootsies?!

Apparently THIS was where my pedicure was going to take place. I almost died. Seriously.

I had two options. One - throw a fit and leave, and no pedicure. Or two - suck it up, get pedicure, and get to torture Adair for the rest of his life. Option two it was!

So there I sat getting my pedicure in the dank basement, after my long and hard workweek, trying to imagine the conversation Adair had with the receptionist who booked my pedicure.

Adair: "My wife wants to book a pedicure, but she wants to be sure you have a chair."

Salon lady: "Yes sir, we have a chair" {Thinking...OMG - of course there's a chair! What are we gonna do? Do a pedicure while she's standing or doing cartwheels? Yeesh, what a dumb question}.

I guess the moral of this story is the infinite difference between "a chair" and "the chair." Oh, and don't ask your husband to book your salon appointments. EVER.


We got a WALKER



Here's your weekly dose


Your weekly dose of gratuitous cuteness!


Becoming a Healthy Foodie in 2010


One of things on my "I WILL" list is to become a healthy foodie.

This is a tall order for a girl like me, who seriously had to Google how to boil water.

Yep. Seriously.

I always thought that healthy food would taste like cardboard. And it does when you buy "healthy" food from a box in the store. For my whole life, I thought that buying items that were labeled as "low-fat", "no fat", "25% fewer calories", etc. were SAFE foods. And I guess they are in a pinch, but I think the key to a true, lasting, healthy lifestyle change is:


That means I gotta cook.

My kitchen adventures are small victories for some, but epic {and delicious!} wins for me.

This week I made:
  • guacamole {fresh is SO good!}
  • restaurant-style salsa {with tons of cilantro!}
  • steel-cut oatmeal {in bulk for brekkies!}
  • roasted eggplant
  • roasted garlic
  • bran-flax-banana-pear-carob chip mini-muffins
  • quinoa
  • pita pizzas {all fresh ingredients}
  • mango-chocolate quinoa for breakfast
Just getting comfortable in the kitchen inspires such confidence. I'm learning how to use a knife. I'm learning how to chop vegetables. I've used my food processor for the 1st time since our wedding in 2005. I'm picking up tools and tricks to make my kitchen prep faster and easier. I also discovering food and herbs I've never tried before. Mmmhmmm....CILANTRO!

Cooking for myself and my family has shown me how delicious REAL food is. Store-bought food or fast-food doesn't make me feel good. Making WHOLE, REAL food is fun and easier than I thought. Becoming a healthy foodie is going to be a slow process, but again, this is a LIFESTYLE change - not just for short-term gain.



Since I wasn't able to get to Miami this past week, I took the opportunity to lighten my hair, get extensions {temporary!}, and start tanning again!

PS: "Tan-Trum" is my Jersey Shore-style nickname! Isn't that show just SO funny?


Kicking off the Month of LOVE - Mazel Tov!


Whew! I'm so glad January is over.
STRESS! EZ's gigantic party, EZ's medical scare, general drama, 3 weddings!, a cancelled Florida trip, bad acne, and weight gain. January can suck it {my new low-class phrase}.

I'm SO ready for February. The sun is shining. I'm feeling GREAT.


I'm still glowing from my good friend Daphna's AMAZING wedding last night. Having never been to a Jewish wedding before, I had no idea what to expect.


Stylish, thoughtful, good ambiance, GREAT food, and an explosion of LOVE & JOY!

It was my 1st time at a wedding where I saw REAL JOY! It was so inspiring. Seriously.

We arrived to a lovely cocktail party, complete with delicious hors d'oeuvres {sushi, satay chicken, sweet potato puffs, and even an Asian noodle bar with cute lil' takeout boxes!}. Everyone was dressed to nines as the wedding was "black tie welcome". This ain't no kool-aid and chips ahoy cookie wedding! This was a grand affair!

We then were ushered into the Sanctuary of the synagogue for the ceremony underneath the chuppah, a ceremonial tent with no walls to represent the couple's connection to the community and to symbolize making your home open to all.

The family made their way down the aisle one-by-one, lined in white linen and adorned with lilac-coloured roses. Everyone looked amazing, but none so lovely than my GORGEOUS girl Daphna. She was elegant and radiant in her lacey, sparkly, and full-on princess wedding gown. Her look was a modern-take on traditional. STUNNING!

The traditional Jewish wedding ceremony was so powerful. I could sense the love and devotion of my two friends, making their vows to each other. It was lovely to hear the Cantor sing the blessings to the bride and groom.

"I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me." {Song of Solomon}

I seriously got chills.

Of course, to ceremony concludes when the groom steps on a glass! What fun! The stepping on the glass, however, is to remind us that even in joyous moments, one must remember the sorrows of the history of the Jewish people and the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds go into a private room to be by themselves and to quietly appreciate the moment together.

Then...THE PARTY BEGINS! It's a mitzvah, a good deed, to dance and rejoice with the bride and groom, and so dance we did!

All of the guests gathered into the elegantly-decorated hall awaiting the arrival of the married couple, then they came in to the roar of the crowd and the loud, exuberant traditional music! Everyone gathered together on the dance floor, holding hands, and dancing around the happy couple! What fun! No Pachebel's Cannon at this party!

The speeches were eloquent and succinct. The food was AMAZING! Butternut squash soup, mixed greens, Chicken breast stuffed with couscous and raisins, grilled vegetables, and a delicious lemon tart for dessert. There was even a dessert bar!

So again, THE BEST WEDDING EVER! Mazel tov to the happy couple!

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