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Introducing ZAYNAH!


That's now my belly dance stage name! Very exciting. It means "beautiful." I'm so stoked for our Tarab Troupe. I'm happy to be rehearsing.

We're sorting out costumes now. Again - inspiring me to lose the weight! I must do cardio. I must do my strength training.


Shana Tova!!!


Happy Jewish New Year! I feel so exhilarated and happy! Tonight was my 1st belly dance class this season and it totally RAQS! Our class is smaller and it's much easier to see our moves in the mirror. I completely adore Joharah! She's so glamorous and graceful and glorious. I'm so blessed to have her as my teacher. We even started our new choreography tonight and it's hot! It's fast and fierce, and we're going to use veils! Every time I enter the studio, it inspires me to live my life to be a better dancer. That means to be fitter and faster and committed to dance orientale. The most important thing I can do for myself is to achieve my perfect weight of 127 lbs. I'm thinking of doing Dr. Bernstein. I want to lose weight superfast. Dad's lost more than 20 lbs in less than 2 weeks. If I follow Dr. Bernstein religiously, I should be able to lose 35 lbs in 2 months. Once I lose the weight I'm going to get 20 inch extensions! I'm excited to blast fat by going to gym, running, dancing, pilates and everything I love to do!


4 days


So I lasted 4 days on Joshi. It was fine, but I feel the same. I felt rotten for a few days, but it was fine the 3rd and 4th day. But the whole thing isn't for me. I'm happy to eat healthy and whole all on my own. I don't want the wacky restrictions.


aviva yael


Preparing for Joshi Detox


So - here I go. I'm doing it! I'm going to do the Joshi Detox. It's going to take a lot of preparation & time in the kitchen, but I'm looking forward to it. Other friends have completed the detox and have raved about its benefits. The shops are closed because it's Labour Day today so I haven't had a chance to pick up all my organic produce. What I don't like about the book is that I don't really know what I can eat - it tells me what I can't it, but I'm not entirely sure what I can eat. The key to this detox is preparation. I love fresh, whole foods - delicious produce, grains, yogurt., white meats, fresh water, refreshing herbal teas, etc.

I'm excited to feel rejuvenated and full of energy. I'm excited to treat my body with respect and live the life I'm meant to lead. I want to fill my body with goodness and wholeness. I always want to keep active and prepare my body for a long, healthy life.


Life changes


I'm thinking about change. Change of body, change of scenery, change of atmosphere, change of career...CHANGE is just about every aspect of my life. Change, however, is scary and uncomfortable. I'm aching to change. I'm excited to change. But what am I changing???

My Body - slim, muscular, lean, long, cared-for

My Clothes - glamorous, thoughtful, be-jewelled, sophisticated

My Work - artful, creative, independent, successful

My Mind - positive, brilliant, articulate, well-read

My Home - tidy, organized, chic, comfortable

I think I missed my calling in advertising or magazines. I think I would be brilliant at that - a cool mix of fashion, celebrity, colour, art, & creativity. But unfortunately, I don't want to to work those kinds of hours anymore. Maybe I would like it if I were decently compensated and I was passionate about my work!

Oh! I'm also thinking of getting a tattoo... I don't know why, but I'm craving a tattoo. I've never even considered getting one before. What would I get? I think the downsides of getting a tattoo are overwhelming [it's against my religion, I'm too fat and it'll stretch out really ugly, it's going to look horrible when I'm older], but the intrigue still exists...

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