Focus on perfection


I am trying to focus on positivity - despite my negative overindulgence - lately. I can see how some woman can develop eating disorders. I feel sick when I overeat. But I'm reluctant to make myself sick because I'm worried that may take me to a place where I don't want to go.

All I need to focus on is my perfect health:

  • Weigh 130 lbs
  • Run everyday and work out daily
  • Drink tons of fresh water
  • Eat wholesome, healthy food
  • Banish sugar and artificial sweetners
  • Get Zoom whitening on my teeth
  • Breast augmentation
  • Lasik eye surgery
Is it bad to be this vain? I'm trying to just focus on me and my perfection - my needs and wants for myself. I can't let anything get in the way of my achievement of my perfect weight. I want to get SERIOUS!!!!


Attract Perfection


I want to achieve my goal weight. I'm focusing on it a lot. I'm doing MUCH better this week by Eating Clean. I've lost a few lbs. What I want to focus on now is becoming a CARDIO QUEEN. I need to SWEAT HARD for at least 1 HR/DAY!!! I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. I have to get serious about achieving my perfect weight. I feel GREAT now, so I think my positive feelings are attracting me towards my goal. When I look a junk food now, I see it for what it is - J-U-N-K - toxic waste in my body. That is not the kind of woman I want to be. I'm a fitness fanatic. I'm committed and serious about succeeding in my perfect weight. I'm so over making stupid excuses for not exercising. Exercise makes me feel so wonderful. I feel in control and on top of the world.

On my journey to my perfect weight, I plan to look GOOD. I know that feeling good now will only encourage me to look my best to feel even better. I bought another cute & flattering dress this weekend. I got lots of compliments at church today. I feel really pretty. I'm going to feel FIERCE when I achieve my perfect weight of 130 lbs.

I'm dancing 3 hrs/ week - 2 hrs of ballroom and 1 hr of belly dancing. I need to RUN 5 hrs/ week. I'm going to plan my life around going to the gym. I need to see my personal trainer again. I should check into that.

This week I am going to:

  • EAT CLEAN DILIGENTLY - my body is a temple
  • Drink 5L/water daily
  • RUN 30 mins daily
  • Make ACTIVE choices daily
  • Strength Train (at the gym) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Bellydance
  • Ballroom dancing


Rejuvenation revisited


How appropriate it is that my Rejuvenation Day is the first day of Spring. I've been so unplugged from the world lately that I didn't even realize how truly special today is. I LOVE THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. I always sing the Gandharvas song and bask in the hope of the warm and bright days ahead. My Rejuvenation Day has not been the most productive, but I think that's the point.

Something has got to give with my weight. I know that exercise and clean eating are the key. I need to LIVE IT. My happiness and confidence are up to me!


Rejuventation Day

I have not been feeling myself lately, so I decided to stay home from work today. It's not that I feel "sick" per se, it's more that I don't feel "well." What I really need to do is give myself a BREAK! I need to chill, sleep and relax. I need to rejuvenate. Instead, from the moment I called into work this morning, I was plaguing myself with thoughts of all the things I SHOULD be doing on my day off {clean the house, organize my scrapbook room, do the laundry, vacuum, plan RS activities fo the next year, etc.}. I think I need to re-envision time off. I'm an ACTIVE person, so I feel my best when I'm accomplishing something, but these thoughts of "must dos" do not serve me.

What I need most is not to do the laundry, but I need to sleep and rest up. The last year has been challenging and life transforming, but in the race to top, I'm becoming run down and stressed out. My health and happiness are the most important aspects of my life.

I'm going to take the next few months to focus completely on me. On my health, on my fitness, on my perfect weight, on my scrapbooking, on my art, on my family, on my faith, on my true happiness and fulfillment.


Everyday amazing


I am so abundantly blessed. Everyday something or someone appears in my life and confirms to me that I am protected and supported. I have made the decision to achieve my perfect weight of 130 lbs. I feel good about my cardio & strength training commitments, but it's my eating/diet that I'm not confident about. Then last night when I was reading Oxygen magazine, I received impression that I should follow the lifestyle plan by Tosca Reno called "Eat Clean" diet. Her diet philosophy was essentially the plan I followed when I lost the significant amount of weight a couple of years ago. I am so grateful for the wonderful book. She is inspirational. I know that eating clean will abundantly transform my body to perfection.

"Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic to it. Begin it." - Goethe


finding the Secret everyday


So often I become so wrapped up in myself and my dramas, that I forget to keep perspective and live the Law of Attraction. I've had numerous powerful experiences since my last post. Once I focused all my energy trying to change a potentially toxic situation at work, and amazingly - the situation completely changed at the exact moment it was about to erupt.

Also - I've named my custom scrapbook business - Scrapendipity Designs. I'm now working on business cards and website. This is a deliciously exciting time in my life. I truly feel that my universe shifts to bring me all good things.

I am going to continue to focus on attracting prosperity and wealth, and I am now adding my perfect weight. My perfect weight is 30 lbs lighter than my current weight. I am asking to be at my perfect weight. I now have to make believe that I am 30 lbs lighter, so I have to LIVE like I'm 30 lbs lighter. I will now:

  • Sweat for 1 hour a day - CARDIO!!! Run, bellydance, ballroom dance, salsa dance, etc.
  • Eat CLEAN - always make healthy choices
  • Drink 5 L/water daily
  • Sleep 7 hrs/ night
  • Visualize ME at my PERFECT WEIGHT
I know that whatever I can conceive - I CAN ACHIEVE. I am so grateful for the power of the Secret manifested in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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