Diaper Bag Dilemma


Yes. I'm still going on about my diaper bag. I STILL don't have one. Good grief. I really don't want to spend $200 on that other one. Below are my two current favourites from Skip Hop. WDYT?

Should I choose...BLOOM?

OR... Cherry Blossom???

UPDATE!!! I bought the cherry blossom bag today {Saturday} - and it was $69 less 20% - I'm officially Recessionista chic!!!




1. My computer is still broken. I went two full days without it. Thank goodness for my Blackberry. I'm currently borrowing old [and very heavy!] laptop while my computer gets fixed.

2. EZ and I have been getting more active lately, taking advantage of the warmer weather and melting snow. Not only do we go to doctor's appointments, physio, and shopping, we went for a nice, long walk yesterday. It seems like a small thing, but for me - it's a HUGE VICTORY. Six weeks ago I couldn't stand or even go to the bathroom without help. Now I'm going out alone with my babe! and I'm exercising for FUN! This is just wonderful. I'm so blessed.

3. Over the last few days, I've been registering EZ for all his Spring classes. So far he's taking:
-- Born to Read - reading time @ the library for newborns-6 mos
-- Wee Hands - baby sign language
-- Mommy & Me Pilates
-- Tickles & Tales
-- Mother Goose
-- Baby Bellydance

Our classes start after March break. I'm so excited to see our little guy learn and develop!

4. One of the blogs I follow, "The Meanest Mom" is nominated for Best Mom Blog for Parent & Child Magazine. Please click here or on the badge on my sidebar to vote. She has one of the funniest mom blogs out there! She deserves to win!

5. Another blog I read, Marta Writes, is hosting a writing challenge to get our creative juices flowing. All she asks is that you write for 15-30 mins/day. I've been doing it and it's so therapeutic. Blogging is great, but there's nothing like putting pen to paper.

6. WW is going well. Without a computer, I haven't been logging my points, but I've been closely monitoring what I eat. Also, for the first time in my life, I'm "doing Lent". I'm giving up sweets & desserts. I'm doing well so far. I'm making a concerted effort to load up on water and veggies! YUM!


A few close-up EZ pix from today



Etsy is my new decorating addiction - vinyl wall art & prints

Owl & branch for Ezra's bedroom

Classic print - LOVES IT!

Both of these prints are going in our kitchen!

A cute little stylized peacock for our living room!

Align Center

Cool lil' owl groovin' to tunes for EZ's room

Cherry Blossoms for our bedroom

Dandelions for our living room


My computer cable cord is dead. Again.


No more blogging for awhile. Stupid computer. Should've bought a Mac.


More Twlight!!!

Big NEWS!!! Not only will "New Moon" be in theatres in November of this year, but ECLIPSE {my FAV in the Twilight Saga} has a tentative release date of JUNE 2010!!!

Bring on more R-PATZ please!!!


Hungry..the cutest thing ever!

So as I was trolling through Etsy.com yesterday, I came across "Hungry" the key chain. You know who Hungry is, don't you? He's that cute, fuzzy Henson-type character that tempts you with treats and pizza in those WW ads. I had to own it. It's a key chain! Now it will remind me stay OP and not succumb to hunger, no matter how cute or tempting.

To be perfectly honest, I REALLY need this. It was a tough week for me on WW. I'm feeling stronger and more confident everyday, so I'm going to exercise this week. I even bought myself gold stars to put on a calendar for everyday I deliberately exercise for at least 15 mins.

As far as my eating goes, I'm going to stay OP this week w/ WW. I'm also going to try to plan my meals so I will set myself up for weight loss success {not scarf down fast food because I didn't plan it right}. So long as I eat clean and plan - I'm set! Size Skinny here I come!


Faux Vacations


I have an obsession. I love to travel to exotic locations. I love to go on travel websites and search for the best deals on the best flights & hotels. The only problem is...I can't afford it. These are my dream vacations.

My latest obsession in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. It's one of the best diving spots in the world. It's located on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula on the Red Sea. It's paradise and I want to go there. I haven't figured out how I'd fly to Sharm El Sheik - because if you're going all that way, you might as well do the Grand Tour of Cairo, then the Nile cruise to Aswan. And since we're in the region, I should probably visit Jordan {I've never been there}. Amman would be lovely, but I've got to visit Petra and Madaba too. Ohhh! And we'd have to visit Israel too. Adair has never been there before, so I'd like to show him my favourite places on earth {Jerusalem, Tel Dan, the Dead Sea}. You can now see how this trip would be out of reach for poor new parents like us.

This photo is of the Four Seasons Resort in Sharm El Sheik. This is where I'd stay while I learn to dive in the Red Sea.

This is the unbelievable Petra, an ancient city carved out of rock in Jordan. Once a enormously wealthy trading post, the traditional Bedouin people still make homes from the rocky crevaces in the region.

So this is how I spend a lot of time - creating travel itineraries that I'll never go on. Apart from Egypt and the Middle East, I've also planned trips to New Zealand {with a stop over in Fiji of course!}, a cruise around the Horn {South America}, a hiking trip to Machu Picchu in Peru, as well as a jungle adventure to Belize - complete with zip-lining, hiking, horseback riding, caving, tubing, and Mayan ruin tours.

Doesn't this sound more fun than hanging out at home. I guess we just have to win the lottery - but you gotta play to win and we don't play. So until then, we'll survive with "staycations", which in this economy is the hottest trend in travel. On a staycation, you don't just sit at home, you can discover new places around your home or even pick up a new hobby or skill - like cooking! Maybe I should work on that. I do need to learn to cook - remember my cupcake disaster?


Update on EZ's growth


Our little boy is growing like a weed. As a new 1st time mum, you definitely worry whether or not your kidlet is growing enough. Little EZ got his health card this week and also had his 1st doctor's appointment.

He is now 10 lbs 8 oz [in the 50th percentile] and is 23 inches long [the 90th percentile]. Our doctor thinks that by the time EZ is 6 months, his height will be off the charts. Our boy is long and lean...just like his mum! JOKE! Just like his mum in her DREAMS!


Confessions: I'm famous...well, kinda...

Today EZ & I had our firsting outing all by ourselves! We went to Movies for Mommies @ the local theatre where the feature was "Confessions of a Shopaholic." When I read the book 4 yrs ago I was HOOKED in the first chapter {where she completely obsesses about a scarf that she HAS to HAVE! I've soooo been there!}.

The movie was...well, ho hum. It was so unlike the book in that it was so over-the-top unbelieveable. I think the screenwriters have never been broke and in debt like Becky Bloomwood because the lampooned her character so unfairly. As a gal who has maxed out her credit card once or twice {read: ever since she was 18}, I can feel for the main character and how shoes, purses and clothes just call out to you - wanting a nice home in my closet.

The best part of the movie is the FASHION and COLOUR! Pat Field was the costume designer. She was also the costume designer on SATC, so you can get the idea that the fashion was utter eye candy! DELISH!

EZ {like any good boy would} slept through the entire movie. When we were walking out of the theatre, a woman with twins asked me if I knew a mutual friend who took our family photos this weekend. She recognized me from my photos on Facebook. I can't decide if that's creepy or cool, but nevertheless, it's a small world. And I'm famous on Facebook.


WW Update - Week One


Today was my weigh-in day. I completed my 1st week of WW. Overall, it's been a success so far.

I found it hard to keep OP on V-day and Sunday. I wrote that I'm so hungry and I cannot stop eating. I think EZ is going through a growth spurt. He's feeding more frequently and for longer stints. The increase in his feeding has made me hungrier. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In any case, I lost 2 lbs. WOOT WOOT!!!

Then because we've been so lax with our laundry, I realized that I didn't have any pants to wear today. Not even yoga-type pants. The only thing I have that would remotely fit is a pair of pre-preggo jeans. So I decided to try...and...THEY FIT!!!

It's been a really good day. I'm really motivated to keep on the right road and continue to focus on my health and fitness


Waiting for my Diaper Bag


I'm a very particular girl. When it comes to choosing a diaper bag, I am particularly...well, particular. I didn't want some cheap diaper bag that would cause me to be ridiculed by posh mums with fancier bags for their babes. Ok...that's not really true. I just didn't want a cheap diaper bag.

I have been looking for a diaper bag since September of last year. I can't find one I like under $200. But doesn't it seem outrageous spending $200+ on a DIAPER BAG? I've tried Target, Babies R US, and other fancy baby shoppes, and I can't find anything I remotely like with the exception of the bag above. I've been waiting for this bag since November. It's on order from a very nice baby store. It's a Petunia Pickle Bottom and it's GLAZED {like when EZ pees on it, you can easily wipe it off}. Yes it costs $200. It was supposed to be here in January. It's now mid-February and I haven't heard anything about it. I probably would have called the store earlier, but I was in the hospital, then I haven't really felt like going out.

This week, however, I'm planning on going to some mum & tot groups. Since I don't have this bag, I've been using those $1 eco-friendly bags. Not very chic. Not like a hip and cool mum would have. I need this fancy diaper bag! SOON! I'll call them tomorrow, when it's not a holiday. Until then, I will be relegated to the crappy dollar bag. I hope other moms won't make fun of me! Just kidding!


Happy Presidents Day

This image is made entirely of cupcakes at the Smithsonian in DC last week [am I becoming obsessed with sweet treats? Aren't I supposed to be on WW?? I guess I'm my mother's daughter!]. Click here for the story.


Valentine's Day Family Photos


We had these photos done yesterday by the amazing Megan Ward. Thanks so much Megan.



I am so so hungry today...can't stop eating....


Failing to PLAN is Planning to fail


So today was kind of a bust for my new WW regime. I think the issue is that I'm not planning my meals and schedule in advance. I've learned a lot this week.

I will eat wholesome, healthy foods regularly. To accomplish this, I need to actually THINK about what I'm going to eat and when I'm going to eat it.

Also, I will stay on points ["OP"] and record everything I eat online.

I will also be more active. Well, as active as I am able to be.


Physio Update


I had my last session with my in-home physiotherapist today. She's come once a week since I got home from the hospital. She's great. Very encouraging.

She says I'm improving so well, so fast - even when I complain how S-L-O-W my recovery is.

Since it was our last session today, I asked her to level with me. I asked her, from her experience, how long will it likely take until I'm 100% again. I was hoping she would say a couple of weeks.

NOPE. She said it would likely be 2-3 MONTHS!

What?!?! Seriously?!?! 2-3 months left of this?!?!

Despite being so hopeful for a quick recovery, I expected this. A compressed nerve simply takes a long time to heal. I just have to get used to the idea and embrace it.

I have to make this weakness a STRENGTH.


NOT Red Velvet Cupcakes...more like...

Ugly Pink Pukey Cupcakes... Don't you agree?

Feeling better and a bit more ambitious today, I set out to conquer the kitchen. I've been watching a lot of FoodTV which has been foolishly boosting my confidence in the kitchen. I also follow a few baking blogs [incl. Smitten Kitchen and Bakerella], which also bamboozle me into thinking I can bake beautifully like them. HA!

So today, when Stina & Hannah came to visit Ezra, I took the time to carefully lay out the ingredients for red velvet cake. Originally I was going to make red velvet cake truffles, but decided to start out small...just a cake! or maybe cupcakes!!!

When EZ was having a wee nap, my baking began. I methodically followed the instructions [with very little improvisation] and my cake batter was taking shape.

I wish I would have taken photos to prove to you how well it all LOOKED before!

The batter's colour was..."raspberry" - definitely NOT RED. I added more food colouring, but then got scared because what if I added too much food colouring then made the cupcakes toxic? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW - I DON'T BAKE!!!

So I left the batter pink. Maybe it would turn RED in the oven's heat???

The answer is NO. They are pink. And they don't taste very good. But generally I'm not a good judge of cake's tastiness because I don't even really like cake. I had to add a THICK layer of cream cheese icing to make it more appetizing for me.

UPDATE: I just ate another mini cupcake and have had a change of heart. I think they ARE quite yummy. My mum says I desperately need a lesson in how to frost cupcakes. Better late than never - I am almost 30 now!


Hug Me NOT Huge Me

Usually Valentine's Day means copious amounts of chocolate and other assorted goodies for me. But NOT this year. As I mentioned yesterday, I joined Weight Watchers [now will be referred to as "WW"]. I decided to join WW online as I know I'd make excuses for not attending meetings etc. I'm doing well so far. Counting points is so much easier than calories, that's for sure. Wish me willpower!!!


Easy Dessert "Recipe" - if you can even call it that

Grainshop's High Fibre Crisp cereal


Fat free yogurt





3 1/2 years ago vs NOW


This was my skinniest day EVER.

The dress is a size SMALL from Le Chateau.

It was law school graduation in the summer of 2005.

For the 9 months preceding this photo, I lost almost 65 lbs by working out like a maniac and eating like a rabbit.

I was exercising 90 mins/day minimum + pilates + strength training and eating very few calories. I was running 10K/day minimum.

I'd like to look like this again.

I have a lot of weight to lose.

To help me in this journey, I joined WW online.

Once I'm "on my feet" again, I'll be training for a 10K too with Canada Get Fit.
I heart that running training program.

In the meantime, I am going to register for some new mum exercise classes and, of course, I'll be going for walks with EZ - once the weather improves a bit more.

I am determined to regain my level of fitness and health.

I can and will do this.


EZ's one month old! Okay, so this post is late!

These pics were taken on Feb 9th, when EZ was officially one month old. To celebrate, Daddy surprised us with a chocolate cake [guess he didn't get the memo that I'm now doing WW!] and then we went to the movies! A local theatre is now doing Mommy & Me movie "date nights" with dads, so we saw Slumdog Millionaire...again. Love that movie!


New purchases by Mummy Recessionista - ummm...that's me...


This past weekend I went on a bit of a shopping spree. It started on Thursday with my shoe purchases. I neglected to mention that I also bought a load of baby items for EZ on Thursday too. Some things are just too cute to pass up. Like these cute Robeez shoes...

Then Friday night, we went shopping for new bedding for us! We went to HomeSense. I didn't like any bedding, but we found this amazing mini club chair for our Bebe EZ! We couldn't resist the bright orange colour to match his bedroom! And the price was right - $40 incl taxes.

Then on Saturday, I went clothes shopping with my mum. For NON-MATERNITY clothes. I had no idea what size I am [except only that I'm not my "ideal size"]. I took forever to find some items, but I scored some cute "Maggie" clothes on sale! Yes...I said "sale". As you may know, I don't usually shop sales. I don't like to be a scavenger. But since becoming a mum I've discovered that the cliche is true - your priorities change.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to treat myself every once in awhile. Just like this!!!


I'm feeling miserable and that needs to change


My nerve injury is driving me crazy. I'm a girl-on-the-go so I cannot STAND that I CANNOT STAND! Well, I know I can sorta stand, I just can't walk steady or exercise or dance. No cardio = no fat loss. And I need to LOSE WEIGHT! I can't live this way and there's nothing I can do about it. I cannot control my compressed nerve.

I need to DO SOMETHING about my weight. I'm going to join WW I think. It's the most sensible weight loss program out there. I need to do something structured but not restrictive. I don't know whether to go to the meetings or to do it online. It's hard too because I'm not being supported at home for my weight loss journey. I have to do this on my own - so maybe I should go to the meetings. I'm just worried that it may be easy to miss meetings w/ EZ as an excuse. I don't want to make anymore excuses.

I hope the weather will stay warm this week so I can go for walks with EZ. I hope that will make me feel better too. I just gotta keep ACTIVE and POSITIVE.

Another thing that will help me feel better about myself is taking care of myself - doing hair & makeup, wearing nice clothes, always having my nails done etc. These things always inspire me to stay positive and have a positive body image.


My new mantra for 2009


For those Twilight Fanpires - this V-day card's for you!


I think this Valentine's Day card is sooooooo fab - all my favourite leading men, including Edward from the Twilight Saga. Swoon - Go Team Edward!!!

This card can be bought here at Marta's Blog - and they're half-off this weekend!!! Get yours today!


4 weeks old & Things that I LOVE


It's been 4 weeks since little EZ was born. I still have a lot of baby weight to lose [yes, I'm still wearing maternity pants] and my femoral nerve hasn't yet healed completely, but I have a lot of things to be grateful for:

  • Being able to sleep on my back, side, stomach - any way I want!
  • Not having to go to the washroom every hour - on the hour!
  • Seeing my feet again
  • Being able to breathe normally
  • Having more energy
  • Putting on shoes without losing my breath
  • Being able to walk - 4 weeks ago I didn't have enough strength to stand on my own
  • Going back to bellydancing!
  • Holding my precious little EZ and spending hours admiring his face and expressions


"I [almost] fell in Nine West"


I wanted to treat myself to something special today. For those of you who know me well, know that I am wildly selfish ;) So I bundled up Baby EZ in this -20 degree cold, picked up my dad, and went to the mall to go shoe shopping! I bought 2 pairs of flats @ Ready 2 Wear, then trotted off Nine West for a gorgeous pair of new pumps from the new Spring collection.

I chose a couple pairs of fierce non-mummy shoes [see above] and put them on. So lovely on my tiny feet - the only thing that's "tiny" on me lately. Once I had these sassy sandals on, I decided they needed to be taken for a stroll around the store and to be admired in a full length mirror.

So I hauled myself up and started to "walk" in the 4 inch heels, and...WHOOPS! My bad leg gave way - I quickly grabbed on to the jewelry stand for balance. So embarassing. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw from SATC when she fell in Dior. Of course I cannot compare Nine West @ Oakville Place to Christian Dior in Paris, but the embarassment is the same I can assure you. I left Nine West shoe-less and defeated.

Later this afternoon, my physiotherapist came over for our session. I told her about my near-fall and how frustrated I am with my legs. She told me that I am doing remarkably well, and that I'm healing faster than anyone she's seen in awhile. She sees me only once a week, so she may be a better judge of how well I'm doing. She also approved my elliptical training & my bellydancing [YAY!], so I'm going dancing tonight! I hope I don't fall!!!

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