I've heard and read good things about this workout. Has anyone tried it?


Day One of MFC


Today didn't go as I had planned it in my mind.

The babe was up a few times in the night, so when my alarm went off @ 5:30, it was not happening. I couldn't move. EZ woke up when Adair left @ 7am. I was up and about by 8am, but I was hardly functioning. We intermittently napped and fed till 12:30, then we got ready to go to EZ's class. Then I couldn't find my car keys. Yeesh.

It was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to do my 45 mins of cardio by walking to and from the library. It was bitter cold today, but it felt good to be out. EZ liked it too, and slept like a...well, baby!

My eating was off today. Dad knocked on my door early and offered delicious breakfast goodness from McDonalds. I was weak and said yes. What a way to start off my 1st day of MummyFit! I then made a further mistake by not eating again till 3pm when I was STARVING. I statted eating the cupcakes I had made over the weekend (no, not the mini ones either!). I ate veggie soup, but for some reason it tasted really off, so I had pb + j on toast (comfort food).

Adair made a delicious dinner of chicken breast & wild rice. I had more cupcakes for dessert. I've got to stop with the cupcakes. I kind of feel ill eating all the crap.

All in all, I've eaten 44 points today. WW allots me 37 points (which is A LOT of food), so 44 points is astronomical.

I'm not going to beat myself up about it because here's the deal. I'm committed for the long haul. I'm not going to reach my goal weight tomorrow. It's going to take some time to achieve my perfect weight. The two main focusses of my weight loss journey are:


I've recorded all my food intake in my journal and online @ WW. I didn't skimp or tell half-truths about what I ate. That counts for something in my books.

I'm looking forward to improving tomorrow. I've set my alarm again for an early morning walk, my IPOD is charging, my clothes are laid out. I may even go for a 2nd walk with EZ tomorrow afternoon because I'm so ACTIVE now.


Mummy Fit Challenge Rewards


Every 5 lbs:

  • new item of clothing
  • mani
  • pedi
  • wax
2o lbs:
  • new workout clothes
  • running shoes
  • new outfit
50 lbs:
  • fancy jeans
  • teeth whitening
  • laser eye surgery
  • bellydance costume!!!
  • BIG TRIP!!!


The Mummy Fit Challenge

Starting tomorrow is the Mummy Fit Challenge.

I'm ready to get serious about my weight loss.

1. Cardio 6x/week - 45 mins
2. Drink 4L/water daily
3. Strength train 3x/week (maybe join Curves again?)
4. Choose to be ACTIVE in all things (take the long way, park far away, WALK!!!)
5. Record food intake (journal and online WW)
6. Blog about my challenge (to be accountable)
7. Read the BoM
8. Pray for God's help
9. Reward myself every 5 lbs


Diet Cakes


Tonight I found a recipe for a Diet Coke Cupcakes w/ a vanilla glaze. They turned out quite well. I made them with a white cake mix and Diet 7Up.

I did some more research and found these other suggestions for a more WW-friendly cupcake.

- spice cake mix w/ diet orange
- Banana cake mix w/ diet root beer
- lemon cake mix w/ diet 7-up
- Chocolate cake w/ Diet coke
- Lemon cake w/ Diet ginger ale
- orange cake w/diet Mountain Dew
- cherry chip cake w/ A& W diet Cream
- Lemon cake w/ Diet Lemon lime
- angel w/ Diet Orange
- White w/ Diet Orange
- yellow cake w/ Diet orange
- white cake w/ Diet Peach
- spice cake w/ diet lemon-lime
- White w/ diet ginger ale
- chocolate cake w/ Diet cherry coke
- devils food w/ diet vanilla coke
- chocolate cake w/ rootbeer
- marble cake w/ diet cream soda
- lemon with tangerine diet rite
- white cake mix w/ diet sprite
- Red Velvet w/ Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
- Banana cake w/ diet root beer
- Pineapple cake w/ diet Squirt
- orange cake /diet Mountain Dew
- cherry chip cake / A& W diet Cream soda
- diet lemon + lemon;
- angel or yellow cake/orange diet pop
- diet peach with white cake
- spice cake/ diet lemon-lime pop
- diet ginger ale + white
- diet cherry sodas in chocolate cake
- Diet cola + devils food or chocolate mix
- diet vanilla coke in chocolate cake
- devils food cake with diet Vanilla coke
- diet root beer with chocolate cake
- diet cherry coke with chocolate cake
- marble cake + diet cream soda


Late Night Baking!

At about 8pm tonight, after forgetting to eat dinner, I decided I need to bake cupcakes. I'm staying at my mum's house and she has a mixer(YEAH!) so I thought this was a WONDERFUL idea. I started looking online for fun recipes for my level of baking knowledge (beginner - cake mix only recipes!).

After a quick 9:30pm trip to the grocery store to get a few ingredients, I was set to bake. I started off making "Diet 7UP cupcakes" from a blog I found here. The cupcakes are allegedly WW-friendly and are dead-easy to make. The ingredients for the cake are: white cake mix, 1 egg white and a can of Diet 7UP. If you want a chocolately cupcake use chocolate cake mix and Diet Coke. The glaze is powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. See? E-A-S-Y! They actually are quite good. I mean it's not a Magnolia cupcake, but it's good enough for sure!

I also wanted a Spring-y type cupcake, so I thought a key lime cupcake was the way to go. I found the recipe here and how they're supposed to look is pictured above. I finished baking the cake and preparing the topping and icing, but decided it was too late to actually frost the cupcakes. I'll leave that for tomorrow.



Cute Cute Cute = MOTIVATION


I've been a fan of SkirtSports for years now. Their running gear is just so girly and adorable. It feels just lovely to be running in a skirt. I have 2 of them from 2005 and 2006, but I always found the shorts underneath just a tad bit too short {Modest is the hottest y'all}. When I check out their website tonight, I was thrilled to see that they now sell skirts w/ capris and boot-cut pants underneath the skirt. They also sell cute tees & even crystal earrings to make your run just fabulous!

Since running the Chicago Marathon in 2006, my training has been lacking. Ok honestly, it's been non-existent apart from a few spurts of early-morning jogs. Nothing is more motivating, however, than cute work-out clothes. I should really buy myself a pair of these...


Morning shuffle

I couldn't sleep. I'm excited to see houses today. I've been up since 4:45. I had a question for my realtor, so I emailed him. But that wasn't what was keeping me awake. I wanted to go for a run. So I fed my baby, then I put on my running shoes, grabbed my Yellow Ipod chock full of my new Running Tunes playlist, and went outside in the dark for my cardio. It's not raining yet, so I'm so glad I took advantage of the mild weather.

I was out for 70 minutes. I "ran" for short bursts, but it was more of a shuffle to be perfectly honest. Given my injury, I did my very best. I was challenged. I broke into a good sweat. I feel good now. Looking forward to the rest of the day. I'm happy I set the tone for a day of healthy choices.

Good on me!


Morning Shuffle

I couldn't sleep. I'm excited to see houses today. I've been up since 4:45. I had a question for my realtor, so I emailed him. But that wasn't what was keeping me awake. I wanted to go for a run. So I fed my baby, then I put on my running shoes, grabbed my Yellow Ipod chock full of my new Running Tunes playlist, and went outside in the dark for my cardio. It's not raining yet, so I'm so glad I took advantage of the mild weather.

I was out for 70 minutes. I "ran" for short bursts, but it was more of a shuffle to be perfectly honest. Given my injury, I did my very best. I was challenged. I broke into a good sweat. I feel good now. Looking forward to the rest of the day. I'm happy I set the tone for a day of healthy choices.

Good on me!


Goal for This Week


1. Drink 3 L/water daily

2. Exercise 3x for 30 mins each session

3. Record WW points


The 8 Habits for Success

Ask for help — Surround yourself with motivating and encouraging people. It helps your efforts when you know how to ask for and get the help you need.
Learn from experience — No more yo-yoing! When you recognise what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t, you can move forward accordingly.
Manage your environment — It helps your efforts when you fill your spaces — your house, your office, your car — with foods that make it easier for you to stay on track.
Manage your feelings — Make yourself aware of the feelings that trigger comfort eating for you and you’ll be better able to find healthier ways to handle them.
Manage your thoughts — Your mind can make a big difference. It helps your efforts when you trade in negative thoughts for positive ones.
Monitor yourself — A mindful eye can motivate you. It helps your efforts when you make yourself accountable for what you eat.
Prepare yourself — Good plans shape good decisions. It helps your efforts when you decide what you want, and can work out how you’re going to get there.
Take care of yourself — It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyone else’s needs, but in respecting your own needs, you’ll be showing others how to respect them, too


Long time, no blog

It's almost the end of March. I haven't really done anything positive for my weight loss. My injury was regressed and I'm feeling quite down. I have no one to blame for my choices.

Tomorrow I will go for a walk or three.

I'm s looking forward to Spring. I need warmth and sun and spring blossoms to inspire me.


Fruits of our Labour


Our living room

Our living room, looking into the kitchen

Our eat-in kitchen area overlooking the patio deck, complete with flowers & a lantern

Our kitchen

So...the house is listed! The Agent's Open House was today. Here are some snapshots of our home. Hopefully it's not on the market too long! It was a lot of hard work, but we hope it's worth the effort!


Britney's Back and it's a Circus!


Tonight my lovely friend Aliyah & I went to the PCD/Britney Spears concert! It was so amazing. Britney really knows how to put on a show.

The Pussycat Dolls {hereinafter "PCD"} were the warm-up act. Those ladies are so fun and SO FLEXIBLE. Yeesh! I love their catchy songs. My only complaint is with regard to their newest single, "Jai Ho" - a remix from Slumdog Millionaire. The song itself is fantastic, it's just that the lead singer incorrectly says "JAY ho" instead of instead of "JEYE ho." I can't get over it. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can't even bring myself to download it from iTunes because I find it so impossibly annoying.

In between PCD & Brit Brit was a mini-circus act with the most talented performers. I'm not ususally one for circuses, but these people are wildly amazing.

Britney started off with her single "Circus" and I was delighted to see my boy Perez Hilton introduce her. The show was complete with Cirque de Soleil-esque tricks and amazing dancing numbers. She truly looks awesome. Her dancing was fantastic. She's a true entertainer. I know there's been a lot of rumbling that she lip-synchs her whole show, but seriously, who goes to a Britney Spears concert to hear her sing? She's not a singer, she's a performer.

I hope that this truly is her comeback. It was amazing to see a full house tonight of people who want her to succeed. It wasn't too long ago when her life was a complete trainwreck, so to fill big arenas night after night with adoring fans must be so satisfying for her.

Way to go Britney!


Adair's response to "Keep Calm and Carry On"



Busy busy


It's been a crazy busy week since my last blog. One may think that being a new mum is busy enough, but I've tasked myself with the selling our home and buying a new home! I LOVE make-work projects!

During this past week I've been checking out new properties, meeting/interviewing real estate agents, cleaning and staging our home for its potential listing. Adair and I have been working solidly around the clock to get our house ready. We're probably going to put the house on the market later this week.

The house looks quite amazing! I still have to add some more accoutrements tomorrow, but it's quite lovely. I hope someone else thinks so too and will pay big bucks for it!

I'll post some photos when it's picture perfect.

Until then, back to staging!




I am now {at least for the time being} free of the "fashion colour" safety seat in the shower. My nerve injury is healing, albeit slowly. Now I feel strong enough to rid my shower of this oh-so-stylish seat for the Golden Girls that I've had to use since coming home from the hospital.

I still have my safety grip bar...uh, just in case Dorothy or Blanche decide to pop by. Please remind me to remove it if we put the house up for sale!


Recent snapshots of EZ (& Miss H too!)



Personalized Trendy Cards

Isn't this so chic?

And of course 8 week old EZ needs his OWN notecards too!

What could be more tasteful than personalized stationery?

That's when I saw these on TrendyCards shop on Etsy, I knew I had to have them.

Get yours today!


My view as I blog

Could EZ be any more precious?

I had to take a picture to remind me how darling he can be because we're going to get his vaccination shots this afternoon. I anticipate that his quiet demeanor will change to something a little more angry. Thank goodness for Tempra!



THIS IS STUNNING!!! Buy it here.

Or this??? I can't decide! Buy it here.

My beautiful friend Erika has opened her Etsy shop.
She's an amazingly talented jewelry designer.
Please check out her lovely Etsy shop for more dazzling and artful jewelry pieces.

Congrats Erika! Your work is just gorgeous!


Why I haven't blogged this week.

I have no idea why I haven't blogged lately. Maybe it's because I've been:

1. Baking again - yes folks, I tried red velvet cupckaes again - much better than last time. I also made some brownies too. That recipe needs a bit of work.

2. Being a mom is time-consuming. EZ is a great baby, but sometimes he's a bit of a momma's boy and a homebody. He likes to be close to me and to stay home. I want him to get used to travelling, so we go out a lot! Whether it's shopping or to seminars or even just to drive, we try to make it out often. Plus I haven't yet mastered the art of nursing and blogging at the same time.

3. I've been working on my house. Since being at home, I decided I wanted to put the finishing touches on my house. That means I've been trolling the internet (craigslist & kijiji & Etsy), as well as HomeSense etc for good deals. So far, the house looks pretty good, despite being a work in progress. The next project is to put in a backsplash. I want something funky, but...I want to sell the house, so I'm thinking cream-coloured subway tiles is the way to go. I'll save the stainless steel penny tiles for the next house.

4. Speaking of the next house, I have a "bee in my bonnet" (a phrase used by my mom when I was growing up) to move to a big house. The real estate market is such a buyer's market now, so we can get a lot of house for a lot less. I've been researching and getting to know the market over the last few days. I found the perfect house, but it has just sold conditionally yesterday, so that may be off the list. Otherwise, I haven't yet found anything amazing and worth leaving my lovely house.

5. I'm tired.

So maybe I'll do better next week. I hope you missed me ;)


Young Womens Challenge. Are you up for it?



Need to get back on track

I received my WW Hungry Monster key chain yesterday. I attached it to my new diaper bag {because I'm now a busy mum on-the-go!} to remind me to stay on track with WW . It's worth the effort it takes! If you need some inspiration, click here to get your own Hungry Monster.


I LOVE my new diaper bag!



As I blogged about last week, I *finally* bought a diaper bag. It's totally fab. I love SkipHop bags. I love them even more since I won a SkipHop Giveaway. I started following SkipHop on Twitter {I was one of the first 25 followers} and I won a paci pocket this week! So fun! It's small, but it's cute!

Here's what the Paci Pocket looks like!

Here's the exact bag I bought! It has tons of pockets and it looks GREAT!


And I'm back! and even thinner!


Due to some technical difficulties, I've been MIA. I'm back now. I'm feeling great. I'm trying hard to stay OP with some success. I weighed myself yesterday and I'm down 2 lbs. since last week.

I decided to give up sweets & desserts for lent. I've gotta say that I don't miss it too much. I'm trying to fill up on veggies, protein, and water. I'm also drinking tons of water. I'm also moving a lot more - and NOT falling. Physio is going well and I'm working hard.

I've been reading WW magazine and it's very inspiring. Seeing other's success stories inspire me to be my best. I want to inspire others. One of the motivational tips I read was to make a list of the reasons why I want to lose weight. Here it goes:

1. I want to look GREAT in stylish clothes.

2. I want to be free of my obsession with my body.

3. I want to be in optimal health.

4. I want to play with EZ when he gets a bit older.

5. I want to live a long life and be active as I age.

6. I want to show respect for the body I've been given.

7. I want to look great in bellydance costumes.

8. I want to run another marathon...or two.

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