New Kitchen Lights - Even More SPARKLE!


Like many other things in our new home, the light fixtures were just ok. They're by no means icky, just not as awesome as they could be.

To be honest, I think EVERYONE thought I was bananas for changing the light fixtures. But I adore cool light fixtures. They totally change the feeling of a room - from ho-hum to "happening".

**I also convinced the builder to buy back ALL the light fixtures from us to put into another house -- just like I did with the tiger tail granite :) Yippee!

Needless to say, I'm having fun buying all new lights! 

Here are our kitchen lights!


I bought these on our first trip to Edmonton. We had about 10 minutes at the amazing light store, appropriately named "Best Lighting", before the showroom closed. I saw the light over the kitchen table first and was smitten. The light was even on sale! Totally meant to  be :)

I scoured the store for pendants and luckily these gorgeous orbs were in stock. These chrome beauties were exactly what I was looking for. And they were only $100 each!

I'm so incredibly pleased with how they transformed the room from boring to brilliant!


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