In preparation for Bebe #2, I decide to get some cute hats - especially for the hospital. 

Frankly, the ones at the hospital are not cute. So here's what I bought for the little one:

 It's from Etsy of course - isn't it lovely?


I found The Light {for Bebe #2's nursery!}


I'm desperately trying to convince Adair that Bebe #2 NEEDS this for her glam bedroom.  I think every little girl deserves a jet black crystal chandelier! That's just the kind of mom that I am!


EZ updates


Ezra is growing up so incredibly fast, and in so many ways. He's almost 22 months and has changed so much in the last couple of weeks.

He's now in size 3 clothes.  

Here's his new Church sweater from The Children's Place.  It has matching socks too!

 He's grown out of his shoes

These are Maddox shoes by Pediped. So good for little feet and new walkers. Hopefully worth the money!

Hatley rubber boots! On sale and so cute!

His vocabulary is expanding. Ez now repeats absolutely everything we say.  He mimics us in his own way as he's learning to understand his world.  He speaks in sentences, but we just don't understand what he's saying...yet.  When we ask him to repeat what he said, he says the exact same thing. It's defintiely not jibberish to him :)


He's learning how to joke, play games and even try to negotiate. And sometimes he breaks out into song!  He was absolutely hilarious tonight.  We were watching him eat his raisin toast, then he "snuck" his bottle behind his back and asked us, "Where's the bottle?" We'd ask him where the bottle went, then he'd grab it from behind his back and yell, "TA DA!" So cute!  

Later we were singing a song from our Church's nursery program, and he knew it! He sang it and knew the actions {Do As I'm Doing for those LDS followers!}.  I was amazed! Then we sang "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes", and he followed along!  Lastly we sang, "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam", and he jubilantly sang and did the actions!  This kidlet is awesome.
He's a kid now, not a little baby anymore.  We are so grateful for him.


My new favourites for Fall - Creamy Pumpkin and Caramel Apple...


I heart Bath and Body Works.


My favourite new books


I heart Philippa Gregory.  She is an amazing historical fiction author, and most of her books focus on women during the Tudor era of English history {Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, etc}.  Her most famous book is "The Other Boleyn Girl" which was made into a movie.  

I started reading that book when I was pregnant with Ez.  I was hooked.  I had to read ALL of her books, which I quickly did in a couple of months between giving birth, feeding and sleeping.  
Since then, I've been in a Philippa Gregory drought. Until now.

Her newest series is about the England during the War of Roses, the English Civil War between the Houses of Lancaster and York.  

These books do not disappoint.  They are so rich in character development and historical facts {or fiction!} that you feel like you're really there.  The writing is beautiful.

"The White Queen" is about a Lancaster girl who winds up marrying the York King, Edward.  It's a beautifully woven tale of love, magic and power.  After reading it, I was a champion of the White Queen. Until I started "The Red Queen."
"The Red Queen" is a completely different story.  The heroine of this novel is the mother of Henry Tudor, the heir to the Lancastrian throne.  It's a story of patience, power struggles, and destiny.  So good.  Seriously. 

So if you're looking for a new book, check out Philippa Gregory's new books!


3D Bebe 2



Little Bebe #2 as her 29 week old self!


Ez in a Box


 Ez decided he wanted to get up close and personal with his toys yesterday.  Just reaching in the toy box would not suffice.  Ez had to be ONE with his toys.

 Then he proceeded to take out one toy at a time, and throw put it on the ground surrounding him.

He thought this process was hilarious!  Until... he couldn't get out of the toy box!


"No way!"


These are Ez's favourite new words.   And not in the cool, surfer-dude type way.

He uses it frequently to express his disdain for practically everything.

 "Let's put the crayons away!" NO WAY!

"Please give the phone back to mummy."  NO WAY!

"Time for PJs!" NO WAY!

"Would you like a sandwich?" NO WAY!

"We have to put Thomas the train and his friends away for the night."  NO WAY!

"Are you ready for a nap?" NO WAY!

I could go on and on.  Is this what the terrible twos are like?

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