The Awesome-ness of New Dishes


When Big A & I got married, we got new dishes, as is the custom. We kind of bucked tradition and didn't get a fancy place setting. Instead, we were "cool" and got an everyday set in a mix of white, chocolate brown & robins egg blue. We got married in 2004, so those were the "in" colours then.

Those dishes were good to us, and yes, we did use them faithfully everyday. Over the last 8 years, they were chipped and scuffed, and simply not that pretty to look at.

So for our fancy new house, we decided to splurge for fancy new place settings. Okay, not like "Versace-fancy", but like "Crate & Barrel-fancy." I decided to get all white, to not only keep it simple, but so we could add to our collection over time.

I choose the "Essential" dinnerware from Crate & Barrel. I like it because of its simplicity.  I can easily add a charger plate for interest, or add square plates/bowls to change it up. 

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 Again, one great thing about these Crate & Barrel sets is that the white porcelain material is always the same, so you can add different pieces to your collection over time. The other awesome thing about these dinnerware sets is that they are not that expensive.

We also picked up some small & large serving dishes, salad bowls and the like, all in the same white porcelain. 

I am so glad we treated ourselves to this new dinnerware. I feel like a grown-up when I'm eating now, and I'm not always apologizing for my mismatched, scuffed up and "tired" dinnerware.  I love to open up my cupboards and see my all-white, matching dishes :)

Upgrading your dinnerware is an easy {and somewhat affordable!} way to beautify your kitchen and simplify your life.

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