Leap Day Update :)


With an extra day in February, I thought I'd use Leap Day wisely by updating you on the kidlets.

EZ has the funniest lines. When not stuffing chocolate up his nose {true story!}, he is constantly cracking us up with his comments and questions. Here are my recent favourites:
  • When I objected when he was opening the bottle of bubbles on my West Elm sofette, he said, "Alright, alright, calm down mummy!"
  •  When we ask him to help out, he jumps to his feet, "To the rescue!"
  • When I'm singing in the car, "Stop that mummy! You're driving me crazy! You're making me nuts!"
  • His latest phrase, is "Ya baby!" -- but not in an Austin Powers way at all.
  • He loves to sing his Primary songs from Church. Even though he jumbles the words and makes his own lyrics, it is so darling to hear him sing

EZ is very helpful, especially around the kitchen. He likes to {pretend} bake. He likes to do dishes and clean up. But he loves to get play in the backyard, and doesn't mind dragging dirt & mud inside! He loves his "baby sister" and always takes good care of her. He likes to share his treats and toys with her, which she gratefully accepts.

Little A is growing up so quickly. She's walking and running.  She's started speaking too - she says Hiya, Mama, Dada, Ezra, Granddad & Nana. What more do we need than that? 

What a wonderful little doll! She's a great sleeper and is {usually} a pleasant little girl. She has a definite personality, and for a 14 month old, probably has strong opinions on things. She's extremely bright, if I do say so myself! :)

She loves to explore, and she and EZ are little playmates now. It's very cool to watch them interact. When EZ is upset, she'll put her arm around him to console him. It is so darling.


New Kitchen Chairs!


Hello folks! Thanks for still following my DIY adventures, even when I'm quiet. Life is hectic {doesn't EVERYONE say that?!}, so something had to give for a little while -- and for me, it was my blog and DIY projects. Thanks for your indulgence.

Even though this here bloggy-blog has been on the backburner, I've still been working on a few things. Our latest addition has been our new kitchen chairs! I love them...WAIT TILL YOU HEAR WHAT I PAID FOR THEM!!

The brief backstory is that in January we decided to sell our large counter-height dining set. It was awesome for entertaining, but it was ultimately TOO big for our kitchen. 

I have *three* (ahem!) other kitchen tables in my basement -- yes, you read that correctly. I'm a furniture hoarder, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I tried out an oak oval table for awhile, which I planned to DIY-ify awesomely, but it didn't feel right.  Ultimately, we settled on a parson-style wenge wood table. But I didn't have the right chairs. Then the two month Grand Hunt for Cool Kitchen Chairs began.

I found a couple contenders, specifically these two cool metal chairs from Crate & Barrel. 
Images via Crate & Barrel

I was completely in love with the Lyle chair, but they are $259 each. And Big A wasn't a big fan, so we decided to keep searching. I hunted every HomeSense, Kijiji and furniture store searching for the perfect kitchen chair.

Then I had a stroke of genius. I decided to get back to my roots - my favourite mid-century modern chair. The classic white Panton chair. Since I cannot afford the real thing, I searched online and found the best price of $100 each on Kijiji.

THEN I remembered that awhile ago I saw faux Panton chairs at Kitchen Stuff Plus.  I went to the website and sure enough, there they were. And on CLEARANCE of $40 EACH!

I couldn't order them online, so I went to my nearest store only to find out that they are practically sold out. I convinced the store to sell me their floor model for 10% off, then I schlepped to 3 other stores, convincing them to do the same. I pretty much cleared out Ontario of ALL the KSP Panton-style chairs :)

So for $160 (taxes included!), I now have FOUR cool, kid-friendly, easy-to-clean, kitchen chairs.

What do you think?

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