My Top 12 of 2012


What an amazing year we've had in our little family. From moving to the near-North Pole {aka: Fort McMurray, AB}, to buying a new home, and thriving in our new lives here in the West, it's been an awesome 2012. 

I thought I'd kick off the end of year wrap-ups with my favourites of 2012.  These are the things that made my life happier, healthier, easier and/or more stylish in 2012.

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

1. Michael Kors Purse

{Hamilton with Rose Gold Accents}
I tried to find a pic with the rose gold hardware, but I couldn't find one. Trust me, they are not an urban myth -- they exist and they are truly fabulous! I haven't had a black purse in several years, but this purse is special.
2. Nike Fuel Band
I've had my eye on this little bit of fitness technology ever since my sister got one at SXSW last year. I scooped mine up in Vegas, then I found out that they were coming to Canada 10 days later! I love it. I wear it everyday and it tracks my steps, calories burned and Nike "Fuel". It's so fun to challenge myself with this little band of cool, and it's easy to use. Just slap it on your wrist, then sync it to your computer or iPhone at the end of day :)

3. Manitobah Mukluks
 These are AMAZING. Cozy, comfy and so pretty. These mukluks are made by an Aboriginal-owned company {yay!}, Manitobah Mukluks. I have a few pairs of winter boots, but these are very special. 

Though not necessarily built for slushy conditions, they are created to protect from the harsh winter chill which we have plenty of here in Fort McMurray. I decided on the tall Metis Mukluks because I am Metis {!} and I love the pretty flower beading.

*I am told Santa may be bringing me a 2nd pair of mukluks for Christmas*

Big A thinks I'm crazy having so many winter boots, but it's winter here for about 8 months, so it's not like one pair will do!

4. Life-changing Movies

There are four movies that changed my life this year. I still haven't fully changed my lifestyle, but they have shifted my paradigm -- my understanding of health and wellness.  Especially during this Holiday Season of excess and indulgence, I hope you find the time to catch one {or all!} of these health-documentaries.

 The title of this movie is catchy, but the content is seriously awe-inspiring. The movie follows two average guys who go on green juice fasts to reboot their systems -- they end up releasing tons of weight and healing themselves of serious diseases too.

 This film shows you that you truly are what you eat -- if you want rich, vibrant and lasting health, what you eat truly matters. It delves a bit into Gerson therapy, healing from cancer and other diseases, and the importance of vitamins and raw vegetables. LOVE this movie! I still watch it all the time and always find some new info that I didn't catch before!

 This documentary is a essentially an indictment of our modern-day diet industry. It's not about what you eat, it's about what's eating you.  It's info-packed, but in a really accessible way. Definitely check out the 20 minute trailer on their website. You'll be inspired too!

This is another movie about an average guy's transformation. Suffering years of drug & alcohol addiction, violence and self-hatred, Frank allows the servers at a raw vegan cafe he frequents to help him change his lifestyle and hopefully his life. It's an inspiring movie.

5. Breville Juicer and Vitamix

Ever since watching all the amazing movies above, I was inspired to try to adopt some of lessons of healthy living I learned :) 

The Breville Juicer is AWESOME. It's got this amazingly powerful motor that that juice a full apple in seconds. It's relatively easy to clean, and nothing makes my cells happier and more vibrant than sipping fresh green juice in the morning.

I've been waiting for the Vitamix for a long time, pretty much ever since I became a veganista in the summer of 2011. Though I've let my strict vegan lifestyle lapse a bit, I've found the Vitamix to be extremely handy for making the *BEST* smoothies and soups. Seriously, this is the most amazing appliance you will ever own.

6. Lululemon Yoga Mat
Lululemon calls this "The Mat" and with reason. It's cush-y and thick and amazing to practice my asanas on :) I got it in white so it takes a little to keep it sparkling clean, but I would highly recommend it if you're in the market for a new yoga mat.

7. Coach Rose Gold Necklace
This necklace is truly a stunner. It's well-priced for a LOT of bling. And y'all know I like my bling. I wear it with everything, and the best part is that it's long enough to wrap around twice if you want a shorter necklace.

Here's a close-up of the rhinestone disk. The other side has the classic Coach "C's". Totally chic.
8. Mini Keurig

 This is one of my splurges this year, especially because I don't even drink coffee! It makes the most delicious hot drinks, and it's so easy to use. 

You have to buy little K-cups and add water, and two minutes later you have a warm mug of perfection. I like the mint hot chocolate, spiced apple cider and herbal chamomile tea. I loved my Mini Keurig so much that I got one for my office too :)

9. Neti Pot

Totally life-changing. Get one immediately. I use a 1/4 tbsp mix of sea salt and baking soda, then add warm water. It's part of my yoga practice called Jal Neti. I wish someone would've told me to start using this earlier!

10. Tiny Devotions Mala Beads
 I've blogged about my love affair with Tiny Devotions all year.  I absolutely adore these mala beads, to be used for meditation or Japa Mala. They are well made and positively lovely, and simply make me feel happy when I wear them {which is every day!}.

11. Guess Watch
I blogged about this watch already, but I totally love this watch, so it bears repeating. I get compliments on it every time I wear it, and people often mistake it for a higher end watch. It's sparkly, bling-y and in that rose gold tone which is all the rage now.

12. My Gurus: Kris Carr & Gabrielle Bernstein
 Ok, these ladies have figured it out -- life that is

Kris Carr is a wellness warrior and is my health guru. She's a cancer survivor {you may have heard about her amazing documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer}. Her books on insightful and accessible, with a fresh writing style that wins you over. She just released a new cookbook called "Crazy Sexy Kitchen", and it's on my Santa list!

Gabrielle Bernstein is my spiritual guru. Oprah named her one of modern gurus for our generation on her OWN Network show, Super Soul Sunday. She is a teacher of a Course in Miracles, and like Kris Carr, has a unique, "hey girlfriend" style of writing that makes deep and heavy content easy to understand and relate to. 


I'm Published!


I'm so thrilled to introduce you to the latest magazine to hit Fort McMurray:

 {image via here}

...featuring an article by lil' ole me!

Yep. I'm published. Click here to read it :)

My column is entitled DIY-MM or "Do It Yourself, McMurray!"

My article for this edition was my easiest decorating and interior styling tips to make a house a home. So often in the #YMM, people don't take the time to really settle in and enjoy their home. Unfortunately, some people live here with one foot out the door, thinking they are just here to make money for a few years, then back to wherever they are from.  

But more often then not, a two year plan evolves into a 10 year stint, and they are still using Rubbermaid totes as side tables! My article is all about creating a warm inviting space wherever you are NOW. 

I hope you check it out. And please read the ENTIRE magazine too. You'll get to know a lot more about this amazing place I'm now proud to call my HOME.  

Fort McMurray, AB - The #YMM  


Pop of Yellow - or Thank You, Internet!


I've got to admit that as much as I love Fort McMurray, options for affordable and hip home accessories are minimal. 
{I miss Homesense and good thrifting options. }

So to compensate, I've been increasingly turning to online shopping, mostly Etsy. I've neglected the awesomeness of Etsy for too long. But I'm a convert once again. 

Etsy is a long-distance shopper's best friend.

I'm excited to share with YOU, my amazing readers, my recent Etsy lovelies for my home! They aren't "installed" in my home yet, but at least I can share my good finds with you.

I know online shopping can be scary...but it's not 1997 anymore. Online shopping, especially when you are living in a remote location, is the best way to bring goodies to you. You do not have to live on Wal-Mart accessories alone {not that there's anything wrong with Wal-Mart, they do have some cool options}.

{image via here}
I think these pillows are absolutely AWESOME. I love the chevron {as you know!}, but the yellow felt flower is just beyond. This pillow hits the mark, so I ordered TWO! They have other colours and combinations, so definitely check out the shop called Bed Buggs Boutique!

{image via here}
I got these two amazing pillow covers for $26! Seriously! I'm using them as outdoor pillows since the fabric is really durable. I love pattern, and the mixing of these two modern fabrics makes me swoon. Yay Designer Pillow Shop -- check them out!

{image via here}
I'm saving the most exciting purchase for last...I'm getting these very cool yellow ikat pattern curtains for my living room! I've had satin nickel grommets added, as well as a liner, so these drapes should be a stunning statement to my living room.  Definitely head to Sew Modish for stylish, yet affordable drapes!

So, enough about me...what amazing online finds have you bought lately?


Our Basement...Photos!


When we bought this new home, we decided to finish the basement. To be precise, we decide to pay the builder to finish the basement for us.

One of the perks of owning a home in Fort McMurray is that there is an amazing rental market, with prospective tenants willing to pay large sums of money for basement rental suites.  We decided to take advantage of the crazy market anomaly and rent out our basement. Really, we'd be crazy not to. It's like throwing money away, otherwise.

The builder just finished our basement in mid-September, and our {very awesome!} tenants moved in on October 1st. But before the arrived, we snapped some photos of what our basement looked like before and after!


BLACK: Dreadful or Dreamy? But definitely BOLD...


I'm in a bit of design rut lately. I need to get "un-stuck".

I feel the itch to do something bold. Something crazy. Something I've wanted to do for awhile. Something that is VERY Mummy Maggie-like, but you would never guess.

But before I actually *DO* anything, I promise to let this idea marinate for a bit.

So here it goes...spilling my design dream...

{I want to paint my bedroom...BLACK.}

I adore my current bedroom "Modern Moroccan" style and colour scheme -- a mix of pewters, silvers, white and cream. But I'm just kind of tired of looking at it. It's too safe. Too expected. And I'm simply over it.



It definitely wouldn't be ALL black. That would be too cocoon-ish. I love the classic combination of black and white. I'm thinking like a black and white Hollywood Regency style bedroom, with lots of moulding, metal, sparkle and glam.

Just so you get an idea of what I'm thinking, here are some Pinterest images that captured my attention. You can follow my "Black Room" Pinterest Board here :)

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

I know *most* people would never dream of ever painting a room BLACK, but frankly, I think it's kind of awesome. Yep, it's a bold, but I think if it's done right it could be totally amazing.


The Awesome-ness of New Dishes


When Big A & I got married, we got new dishes, as is the custom. We kind of bucked tradition and didn't get a fancy place setting. Instead, we were "cool" and got an everyday set in a mix of white, chocolate brown & robins egg blue. We got married in 2004, so those were the "in" colours then.

Those dishes were good to us, and yes, we did use them faithfully everyday. Over the last 8 years, they were chipped and scuffed, and simply not that pretty to look at.

So for our fancy new house, we decided to splurge for fancy new place settings. Okay, not like "Versace-fancy", but like "Crate & Barrel-fancy." I decided to get all white, to not only keep it simple, but so we could add to our collection over time.

I choose the "Essential" dinnerware from Crate & Barrel. I like it because of its simplicity.  I can easily add a charger plate for interest, or add square plates/bowls to change it up. 

{via here}
 Again, one great thing about these Crate & Barrel sets is that the white porcelain material is always the same, so you can add different pieces to your collection over time. The other awesome thing about these dinnerware sets is that they are not that expensive.

We also picked up some small & large serving dishes, salad bowls and the like, all in the same white porcelain. 

I am so glad we treated ourselves to this new dinnerware. I feel like a grown-up when I'm eating now, and I'm not always apologizing for my mismatched, scuffed up and "tired" dinnerware.  I love to open up my cupboards and see my all-white, matching dishes :)

Upgrading your dinnerware is an easy {and somewhat affordable!} way to beautify your kitchen and simplify your life.


Everything is coming up Rose-y :)


I'm not a "gold" person at all.  I sometimes wear some gold in my jewelry, but it's "ghetto gold" as Carrie Bradshaw would say.
{Doesn't it all come back to Sex & the City?!}

However, there's a growing trend I've been noticing lately, which I'm kind of loving, despite myself.

Ok. Here it goes...

My name is Maggie. And I'm a ROSE GOLD addict. 

I absolutely adore rose gold - especially for Fall. It complements every skin tone because of the warm pink undertones.

Don't get me wrong, I'm STILL NOT a GOLD fan, but this rose gold is something special. It's modern, it's fresh, it's fabulous.

I hadn't actually delved into the rose gold realm until this week when I splurged on a new watch.

{via here}
 I loved this rose gold Guess watch right away. The crystals are really bling-y and go well with my new diamond ring :) {yes, you read that right. I'm on a diamond jewelry kick right now too -- but ONLY if it's on SALE!}.

So, are you on the Rose Gold Train yet?

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