Our Growing Garden


Back on Victoria Day weekend in May, we planted a vegetable garden in our backyard. It looked so small when we planted it, but we were hopeful that with good weather and optimism, we'd be able to have a lush, green garden!

I think we've succeeded! We've only been able to "harvest" radishes so far, but it's coming along quite nicely!


This was my lunch the other day - Be Jealous!


EZ's fun at LGA



England's Only Hope at the World Cup is my EZ


Videos of EZ in NYC



NYC - Part 3

On Sunday morning we went to church in the Upper East Side. The building was nice, but let's just say I expected more from the service. It was like Logan, UT was transplanted to NYC - and that is NOT a good thing. Sacrament meeting was a travesty. I won't say more...

After the disappointing church service, we enjoyed an amazing lunch at 5 Napkin Burger! I seriously had the BEST burger I've ever eaten! A 10 oz fresh ground chuck, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli on a soft white roll.

Are you salivating yet?

After lunch, we all walked through Times Square, then we went back to Central Park to relax and enjoy the hot weather in the afternoon. We found a nice place to nap in the shade. It was truly lovely.

We had a lazy Sunday evening, and got great, Italian take-out. It was an awesome, relaxing Sunday.

Monday morning we went to the American Museum of Natural History. EZ loved to see the animals and dinosaurs! It was a GREAT museum! After the museum, we had a delicious lunch at a deli, then sadly, it was time to go!

Below are just a few pictures from the museum. We didn't take many photos after the first day! Oh well, stay tuned for some cute videos of EZ at the airport!


NYC - Part Two


We had a lovely and well-deserved sleep-in on Saturday morning, then went downtown for breakfast to this cute Belgian place on 18th St. Adair served his mission in Belgium, and this place was pretty authentic, complete with Tin Tin ads. We had delicious omelets (with lots of gooey cheese!). We had to work off our brunch, so we walked up to 34th St. to shop!


{The boys found a race car while the girls shopped!}

I got a few things: a pair of comfy sandals, a cute maternity sweater, and a Coach swing pack. I've been wanting one for a LONG time, but I could never find the right one {I'm a picky gal!}. Here's what I bought! Isn't it perfection? :)

Then we went back to the hotel for a rest. After a brief nap, we decided to walk up Lexington Ave. where they were having a street fair with various vendors, including roasted corn {delicious!}, jewelry {$2 necklaces! I'll take it!}, and lemonade.

We wondered up to 60th to try to see if we could get into Serendipity, but the wait was 1 hr and 45 mins. We couldn't wait with the kiddies, so we enjoyed a great, kid-friendly meal at California Pizza Kitchen.
EZ slept through most of dinner.

We popped into Dylan's Candy Bar, before making our way to Bloomingdales, where I bought my FABULOUS Tory Burch shoes! They are the most amazing and expensive shoes I own, but they are the best. And since I can't wear heels anymore, stupid nerve damage!, I want to wear cute flats!

We then walked over to Central Park, where we enjoyed the horses and some delicious ice cream. Ezra enjoyed his ice cream outside the 24 hr Apple Store on 5th Ave!

After walking through the enormous Apple Store, we went to FAO Schwarz to ogle at the millions of toys! It was fun, but EZ didn't really get what was going on, so we didn't have to stay too long!

Since we're getting old and I'm pregnant and we walked what seemed like 50 miles that day, I was too tired to go out at night. I even went to bed early and slept like a baby!


#2 is now 16 weeks and an avacado


I've still been feeling cruddy, but I think I can feel that it's going to pass soon. I hope.


New York Family Fun - Part One

A few weeks ago, we went to NYC to visit our amazing friends Eujean, Michael and their cute daughter Sarah. It was SO much fun to go as a family! We haven't been to NYC in a long time, and definitely never with a 17 month old child!

We left on Friday after work {ok, maybe a few hrs before work was supposed to end}, waited in line for 2 hrs at Customs at the the airport, and made it in NYC in record time. EZ was SO good on the plane. I didn't know what he'd be like since it's been about 9 months since he flew. He was very well behaved, enjoyed seeing the airplanes and looking out the window to see the clouds!

We had a driver pick us up in a big, black Suburban and drove us to the hotel where we stayed with our friends! Our hotel was GREAT! Very well-appointed and such a convenient Midtown location!

Our friends graciously agreed to put EZ down, while Adair and I walked to Times Square for fun. We had a lovely time amongst all the Times Square craziness! I finally got the Fossil watch I've been eyeing! I heart shopping @ 11pm in NYC!

On the walk home, we went to found this amazing pizzeria selling really authentic Italian pizza - you know the kind of place where they only have thin crust Margherita, but you wouldn't want anything else? It was to die for! I keep thinking about it!

More pics to follow in another post!


Just like Mummy!


Lately we've been a bit worried that EZ hasn't been eating much. He seriously just likes yogurt, fruit, some veggies, and any type of bread. I guess when I write that, it does seem like he eats well. Anyway - we found a meal he LOVES!

Lasagna. Just like his mum!

The first day we gave it to him he had THREE bowls of it!

We sent a big serving for lunch the next day when he went to Andrea's, and he ate ALL of it!

He loves lasagna. And you can see it all over his face!

Photos from Andrea!


15 weeks and the size of an orange


The new little bean is growing and is now the size of a naval orange!

My blogging has been infrequent as I've been still quite sick. Hopefully it will pass soon.

I've got lots to blog about, but I will save it for another day. Sunday is a day of rest, and I intend to celebrate the Sabbath appropriately.

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