We got a FLEX!!


Here is our new car, minivan crossover whatever.  Let me tell ya, it's AMAZING!  LOVE IT.
We got it in the seven seater, in the White Platinum finish with the white roof, with black leather interior.  I only had 3 requests: it had to have heated seats; the Ford SYNC media system; and the VISTA roof! The one we got was in the showroom of the dealership, so it was LOADED with extra goodies and we got an amazing deal on it.  It drives like a dream and doesn't feel too big, despite the fact it's 2 feet longer than our Ford Escape.
Ez was a little apprehensive at first.  But then he saw it and said, "WOW."

Dada is putting the car seats in!

Doing the last check to make sure all is well!

Ez liked the toy F-150 - maybe that's our next vehicle?

Patiently waiting for the paperwork to be complete!

And we're off in our new family-mobile! 


EZ. Hair cut #2.


Yesterday we took EZ for his 2nd haircut ever.  I don't know why, but I have a hard time cutting the little guy's hair.  I guess I know that his window for hair will be short, so we might as well make the most of it while it's here.  Hair today, gone tomorrow, right?

Anyway...after the knots and tangles, I decided to put EZ's need for cool hair before my own need to hold onto his hair - so we got his hair did at the kid's salon again.  And he sat in the red Lightning McQueen chair again. This time the stylist played the Toy Story DVD too.  He loved that! He seemed to enjoy the experience overall, although these photos don't really show that :)
Mummy, what are you doing to me? Why is she touching my hair?

Mummy, how are you letting this happen?!
So far, so good.

Ok, you got the clippers out now? What did Mummy get me into?!

We asked him to say "CHEESE!" - this was his smile. Cheese is right!

I ended up getting suckered into buying EZ some hair product - Tuff Stuff - to make his hair spikey. Not that the stylist was pushy, but Mummy's a pushover for cuteness and loves spending $15 on children's ec-friendly hair styling products. It has essential oils, how can I say no?


Thrifting Thursday...or Friday


Oops! Missed posting it yesterday!  Oh well - it was a GOOD day.
  No "ultimate finds" - but an overall success nonetheless.
I found this chair at Goodwill for a whopping $2.99. I couldn't resist.  Imagine it sprayed white with amazing fabric on the upholstered seat.  It's going to be gorgeous.  I love the cane back and the circle details!

At the same Goodwill, I also got this magazine rack and glass jars.  I have big plans for the magazine rack.  I don't know where the jars will go just yet, but I'll find a place!

At Value Village #1, I picked up some tiny little Pyrex bowls {swoon!}

I also visited a upscale consignment shop today and there were amazing finds there, but alas, out of my price range.

This perfectly worn gray leather tufted sofa was "reduced" to $1275.  It's gorgeous and would amazing in my bedroom, but it's beyond the budget.

Still in line with the gray couch theme, I spotted this velvety loveseat for $575, which isn't bad, but still...

Lastly, I found this silver silk French-style settee, but strangely enough the back and side were finished in black canvas - bleh - so it would have to be recovered again. And for $600, not worth it.

I also adored this tall curio cabinet, but I'll pass on it for $550. I can get one at a thrift store and repaint it myself!  But it is truly a lovely piece of furniture that's worth the money if you have it.


In the evening, I went to Value Village #2 with some of the teenage girls from Church.  We found some cute things, but were amazed by the true hideousness of some other items of clothing.  Like Exhibit A below. I mean, who would EVER such awful clothing?! YUCKY! If you are wondering, yes, it's a floor length jumper made out of teddy bear polar fleece. I don't know what's worse - the fact that it's a snuggie with a zipper or the creepy teddy bear polar fleece material. At $2, we were almost going to buy it to prevent it from ever being worn again, but frankly, who can be bothered :)



I looked out the {Kitchen} Window...


And what did I see?

This pretty orchid flower looking at me!
I've actually been meaning to throw the orchid plant out for awhile because it didn't have flowers, and I deemed it a bit of an eyesore, but Adair wouldn't let me toss it. 

Now I'm glad I didn't!  These fleurs just appeared over the weekend and they are lovely.


Pretty in Pink {& Gray}


Silver Cardigan - Carters
Pink & White Striped Onesie - Carters
Gray Tweed Shorts - Zara
Pink & Gray Striped Tights - a gift
Silver Boots - Babies R Us {from the States}


Modern Alphabet Magnets


Remember this photo from last week?  I was showing you a project I was working on. 

Well, that has turned into THIS!!!

YES! They are cute little non-cringeworthy alphabet magnets for our fridge!  I was inspired by this blog post over at Nice Girl Notes, and thought, Hey I could do that!   Here's how I did it.
I bought 1 1/2 inch wooden circles from Michaels.  They are $2 or so for a package of 6.

Then I spraypainted them with RustOleum's Heirloom White - two-three times each side.  The wood grain really shows through, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I'm very picky about font type, so I found these stickers from Making Memories. In Black of course, and they have a slight shimmer to them :)

Next I cut little squares from a magnetic strip.  The strip had adhesive on the back, but it wasn't strong enough, so I used what I had {wood glue} to adhere the magnets more securely.  You can't be too cautious with magnets around kids!

I let EZ start playing with them to see how they'd hold up, and quickly realized the shimmery stickers come off easily, so I pulled out my glossy modge podge and applied a thin layer onto the front of each magnet.

And....VOILA! Adorable and chic alphabet magnets that are easy on the eyes AND the budget!

And I picked up these cute metal planters from Ikea last week. The perfect storage for these alphabet magnets.

So there you have it! Super-easy, super-adorable homemade and customizable alphabet magnets that


Dollar Store Project


Remember how I told you that Little A's room isn't yet finished. Well, that's still true, but I've completed another art project that I want to share, and it has to do with the wall with Aviva's name on it.  

This art cost me: $3 for 3 frames + $10 in art + $3 for printing. Yep - $16 for this very cool project.

I found UGLY Dollar Store frames {3 for $3 each!} - the ugliest most ornate ones I could find - then spray painted them a glossy black. 

I then purchased pretty digital files from this Etsy store, and had them printed at Walmart.  This is the final result!

Pretty fancy if I do say so myself!


Thrifting Thursdays - Week Two


Welcome to Week Two of Thrifting Thursday!

I'm not actually able to go shopping today, but maybe I'll be able to go Friday or Saturday this week.  In any case, here are last Thursday's finds!


I heart vintage Pyrex. I know I've said it before, but it's so true.  I really love it.  I mean REALLY. I will stop at every vintage and thrift store to see if they have Pyrex. 

Seriously. Ask Adair. 

Here's my Value Village Pyrex casserole dish for less than $5.


I also heart faux bois.  I saw this vintage faux bois photo album and I adore it.  I have no idea what I will do with it, but I just had to have it. And for 99 cents, you can't go wrong.


So...I did it. I went ahead and purchased the Goodwill buffet and hutch I posted about last week.  I searched Craigslist and Kijiji, but people wanted at least $250 for crappy ones and these were gorgeous wood pieces with exquisite and unique details {don't ya LOVE the swirls on the buffet? SWOON!}. And the BEST part is that we got both pieces for under $65 - yes, I had a $10 off coupon because I thrift there so often.  

I can't wait to paint it - I think gray will be the colour.

Here are the photos again from last week:


Moustache Numbers?


In my time spent browsing for EZ's yet-unfinished bedroom, I came across this adorable print from this Etsy shop

I think it may be just perfect for EZ's "big boy" room - now we just have decide what size to order the print in! Oh. And start redecorating his room so we can finish it off with this cute print!


Stylin' Little A...Ballerina Bebe

As Little A is now almost 7 weeks old and growing so well, I wanted to capture her cute little outfits. Here is Ballerina Bebe Aviva on her Eames rocker, "rocking" a pink-y gray onesie with her Gap tutu with attached tights adorned with little gray ballet slippers.


Aleph Bet Letters - SWOON!


I'm totally digging felt everything lately.  And I'm completely head-over-heels for these gorgeous Hebrew Aleph Bet letters from this Etsy shop.

I think they are perfect to teach EZ and Aviva my love of the Hebrew language.  Can't start too early with these things :)


Sneak peek at projects!

Ooooohhhhh! What am I working on? 

You'll have to wait and see...but here is a sneak peek!

Clearly showing my LOVE for Rustoleum's Heirloom White spray paint!

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