Sabres Celebration!


Early last week, my sister invited us to a Buffalo Sabres game this past Friday, and having never to one of their games before, we excitedly accepted the invitation.

It was also a mini-celebration of sorts since it was also my last day of work before I started mat leave!

We had amazing seats, just 11 rows up from centre ice.  It was GREAT to be part of the game, and experience the NHL outside of the Leafs bubble of Toronto. We've been to a few Leafs games at the ACC before and found them to be fun, but the Sabres game had a totally different feel to it.

One of the major differences was that there did not appear to be anyone in suits. Very unlike Toronto! The Sabres fans are hardcore.  My 9 year old even commented that there were many more people wearing jerseys than at a Leafs game.

We also enjoyed the Harbour Club at the Sabres game.  It's like a private club, I guess, and had REAL food - not hot dogs and nachos.  We had to be early to reserve fancy tables, but during the 2nd intermission we enjoyed delicious fatty foods - like roast beef sandwiches, potato wedges and, of course, Buffalo Wings!  

For future reference, don't rub your eyes after eating buffalo wings - even after you've cleaned your hands!

I think one of the best parts of the evening, apart from spending time with my sister and my nephew, was that the Sabres WON! They came back from behind, and ended up winning 4-2!  It was an exciting game.  I'm used to my local teams always losing {I'm not exaggerating}, so it was thrilling to be part of the home crowd of the winning team!


A new hat?


EZ was playing with his blocks today, and I turned around, and there's EZ with his new "chat"{pronounced like cat en Francais}  -- that's EZ-speak for "hat".


Wake Up Ez!


 EZ moved into his "big boy bed" this past weekend.  We've been wanting to move him out of his crib for awhile because Bebe #2 is going to need the crib.  

I was a little nervous about how this sleeping transition would go, but I was pleasantly surprised.  So far, there's been no major hiccups and EZ is sleeping IN his bed all through the night! Woot woot! We are so blessed to have such an easygoing kidlet.

(Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos, but these are too cute not to share).



36 Weeks Pregnant and now Sea Band free?


For the past 8 1/2 months or so, these ugly wristbands {a la the Olivia Newton John days of "Let's Get Physical" have been my best friend.

You see, I've had morning sickness this WHOLE pregnancy.  Yes.  That's right folks.  It doesn't always go away after the 1st trimester - that's one of the MANY myths about pregnancy.

I have not been able to take them off.  Only to shower, then I start to feel nauseated and have to quickly put these hideous, yet oh-so-glorious wristbands back on.

That is, until yesterday.  I  didn't want to wear them.  I've had to take Tylenol for my cold/flu anyway, so I didn't feel like I totally needed them yesterday {though they are always with me in my purse!}, and I survived.  So I didn't wear them today either, and I survived again.

I'm hoping this wristband-free trend continues, though  I only have 3 weeks to go, so at this point I don't really care.  I've already embarrassed myself enough because of the fashion faux pas with the wristbands with EVERY outfit {work, Church, formal, etc.} over the last 8 1/2 months. 

And for future references, there is NO way to make these things cute.  No bracelet can cover the awfulness of the Sea Band, but it was truly a life and sanity-saver throughout this pregnancy. For that, I am grateful.


Now that the Days are Darker - I'm thinking about Spring!


Love the Colours in this necklace - Here's the Etsy link


The Beauty and Misery of Silence


I've been silent on this blog for the past little while for good reason.  The same reason I'm currently silent in life.

I've got a nasty cold/flu virus that's been wreaking havoc on my 36 week pregnant body for the past 8 days.  I'm miserable.  Sore throat, violent coughing, fever, aches and now, the worst of the worst...

I've lost my voice.  For 5 days now.  Seriously.

I've had to take time off work because it's my job to argue talk, and I can't be a very effective advocate if I can't speak.  I'm going crazy!
The beauty of not talking all the time is that I listen more. I think my family likes that.

EZ has also been very cute throughout my sickness.  When he talks to me, he whispers {because I'm whispering}, and says in the sweetest, empathetic voice, "Awwww, sick."  You can't make this stuff up.  EZ is awesome.

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