Happy New Year - 2010 is here!


Although he's unsure about the girly {but FESTIVE!} tiara mummy made him wear, EZ wants to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

...and that means...

his 1st birthday is right around the corner!!!


Our best prezzie in 2009

And no {despite evidence to the contrary}, it didn't arrive in a Coach bag.

Thanks for following our little blog in 2009. We've had a banner year. So VERY much to be grateful for.

New baby. New house. Amazing family. New friends. Old friends.

Thank you.

We are blessed.

Happy 2010 to all! Enjoy NYE!!!

Love Maggie, Adair, EZ & Ginger

All apologies for the quality of the photos - it's the iPhone. But the kid sure is cute!


Cupcake Testing


It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

We went to check out and taste cupcakes yesterday in preparation for EZ's upcoming party.

I heart FlourGirls.

Check them out! They also deliver and the cupcakes are DELICIOUS!


Getting ready for the big day...


EZ's 1st birthday is coming up on January 9th.

I'm well into party-planning mode.

And it's going to be amazing.

You all know that I cannot do things simply.

Invitations have been ordered. Decorations have been purchased.

I'll soon give you snippets of this party's fabulousity!

Yes, I promise to remember it's EZ's first birthday - but it's been such a wonderful year with him!

So much to celebrate!


Mama-razzi - EZ's 1st Christmas Morning


Santa Claus came to town, but first EZ needs his milk!

There's a mountain of prezzies under the tree - all for the little one, Christmas glee!

Stockings first, as you know! Yay! Finger puppets, my favourite!

No you di'nt!!! A Kindermusik chimeball - "Ball, Ball!" Wahooo!!!!!

I'll use my new jingle sticks to dance and make music!

Love to tap out the rhythm with my new Kindermusik sticks!

Mittens on a string? Awww, mum, you shouldn't have!

Now how do you get this open? What if I crawl on top - does that help or hinder?

My mum's snow leopard pjs are blinding me! Let's get this prezzie open already!

Oh a new outfit from Great Grandma Phillips! She has such good taste and knows me well!

Yay! A puzzle and toys from Andrea! I heart her very much and miss her during the holidays!

A chimebell! So much fun with my new musical instruments!

New pjs from cousin Ben & Anna in Fort McMurray! We miss them! How did they know I needed new pjs because I'm growing so fast!

Whoa! Cool t-shirt from Nana & Granddad! Can't wait to show off ALL my new cool clothes from them!

Now THIS is gonna be fun! Foam-y blocks from Grandma & Grandpa in Nova Scotia!

More chimebell cuteness! It makes lots of noise AND tastes good! I'm a lucky boy this Christmas!



Christmas Prezzie #1


EZ 1st Christmas Eve Dinner


Today's menu was not really different than EZ's other dinners. Bananas, crackers, a cookie, and his beloved milk, of course.

The only thing different about this dinner is that we were in our pajamas, AND we got to wear jingle bell reindeer antler headbands, AND we danced to Christmas songs!


Always on the lookout for his best friend "Ingy"!

We also read the Nativity story in a board book. EZ liked to look at the pictures and point to things like the angel and the town of Nazareth.


Bobbing for Beans!


Ezra is exploring all kinds of new foods.

He is also finding new ways to eat them. No, I don't mean he's discovered utensils.

Nope. He just sticks his sweet face into his highchair table, and grabs the food with his mouth.

Yup, that's the way my kid rolls.

Of course, Adair and I thought this was very cute, so we started laughing.

We're such bad parents!

He also likes to feed his best friend, Ginger. "Ingy" as EZ calls her.

Did I mention EZ can say the dog's name, but can't say MaMa?


2 weeks and the Christmas Tree is still up!



My WILL List


I found this on Lululemon's website and I'm totally inspired.

Instead of a "Wish List" for my 2010 Goals - here's my "I WILL" List:

In 2010 – I will:

  • Be confident and comfortable with my body
  • Make health a priority for my family
  • Choose ACTIVITY
  • Make everyday count
  • Exercise daily because I want to feel better
  • Bellydance for 20 mins everyday
  • Complete the Miami Half-Marathon (January)
  • Save money and shop less
  • Spend more quality time with my family
  • Blog daily to be accountable
  • Learn to cook and eat healthy
  • Go hiking
  • Give up bottled water
  • Do yoga 3 times a week
  • Learn Arabic rhythms & instruments
  • Floss daily
  • Get certified as a BellyFit instructor
  • Be a better friend


Kindermusik Christmas Party

Ezra loves music! Since September, he's been enrolled in Kindermusik classes and he LOVES them! He loves to dance and play with the fun instruments!

This past weekend was the Kindermusik Christmas party. We got EZ ready in his festive sweater, then went down to the party! We brought a gift from EZ for a needy family because it's important that he learns the importance of giving while he's young!

EZ had a blast at the party, playing with his jingle bell and shaker! He was also very excited to meet his friends from class and also meet some new children! He loved the Christmas carols, and even sang along! EZ also showed off some new tricks - like STANDING on his OWN!

AND...we even had a visit from St. Nick himself. EZ was enthralled with Mr. Ho Ho Ho. He watched in awe as all the other children sat on Santa's lap. Then when it was his turn, EZ screamed like he did when he got the H1N1 shot. Isn't he just precious?

Ahhh, these are the memories!


Winter Wonderland and Enjoying Winter Exercise


In the winter of 2005, I spent an amazing 3 months in
Inuvik, NWT
{200 km NORTH of the Arctic Circle}.

I was there from January - March. I actually arrived just in time for the First Light Party, when there was a glimpse of light after days of 24 hr darkness. But it was pretty dark and cold for most of the time I was there. When I say cold, I mean like -50 degrees celcius - as a high. There wasn't too much snow, because it's MUCH too cold for snow. It's simply frigid.

I enjoyed my time there and would go back in a second if I could.

When I went up there, I had just started exercising and losing weight, and I didn't want to stop. There was a 24 hr gym with 2 treadmills, 2 rowers, 2 ellipticals, 2 bikes, and some weights. I spent at least 2 hours a day at the gym. I didn't have a car, so I would have to walk about 20 mins in the freezing, dark cold just to get to the gym, then walk home.

I remember one day in early March when it warmed up to -20 degrees celcius, so I celebrated by going for a run outside, which was a REAL treat!

Since it was dark most of the day, time didn't mean much so I'd go to the gym whenever I felt like it {mostly from 8pm -12am}. Not only did I go to the gym, I joined a curling team too. I was pretty active when I was there.

If I wanted to go to the grocery store, I'd have to walk about 25 mins in the freezing dark cold to get there, then carry it home. Let's just say I ate pretty light. There was only one restaurant, which didn't sound appetizing to me, so I didn't eat out much.

By the time I came home, I was almost 40 lbs lighter.

I am writing this as it's 1 degree out. I now think that's cold. I was too cold to go for a run yesterday when it was -5 degrees. I'm such a wimp now.

I need to channel my "Inuvik Self" this winter as I embark on my winter training.

This is the MacKenzie River - when frozen, becomes the Ice Road to Tuktoyuktuk!
This picture was taken on my 1st day in the NWT!

Here I am in Tuktoyuktuk, walking to a meeting!


iPhone Pics of an early Saturday morning


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