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To Shape Up or Not to Shape up?


I've been seeing these Skechers shoes lately. Of course, they are ugly.

But are they cool? Maybe or maybe not.

But do they actually help you get fit while walking? I'm thinking about getting a pair for wearing around the house or running errands etc.

Definitely NOT court attire. But...are they next UGGs???


Spice Girl is organized


Here's a snapshot of my latest project! My spices in tiny labeled tin cans!

The state of my spice cupboard was atrocious. When we moved into the new house, I shoved all my spices into this cupboard and shut the door. My spices were in glass jars, plastic bags and boxes, and it was a disorganized eyesore.

Well, not any more!

And this project cost only about $40 and took about an hour. Time and money well spent, if you ask me.

I got my inspiration from Dean and Deluca. These French spices below cost $55.


Busy Busy

Photo courtesy of EZ's amazing caregiver Andrea!

I can't believe that this month is half over! Our to-do list is rapidly growing as we're now getting in the Holiday spirit. We are probably putting up the Christmas tree next week. But where are we going to put it in our new house?

Ezra is doing really well. His swimming class resumes next week. Next Saturday is his last Kindermusik class. He's a very musical boy {please pray he doesn't end up an engineer!} and he loves his music class. He enjoys playing {with} the instruments like the drums and chime ball. When the chime ball was brought out this past class, he called out, "Ball, ball." Ahhh, my kid's a genius!

Speaking of ...well, speaking, Ezra is on the verge of saying something. He's just brimming to get those words out and tell his mummy all about the adventures he has. So far though, he's just saying "Bah", "Mah", "Gaga" {especially when I'm blasting Bad Romance!}.

EZ had a special Wee Ones photo session with Gigi yesterday. We can't wait to see how those pics turned out. Of course, little EZ was a ham. As soon as Gigi's camera started clicking, EZ was posing, giggling and waving to us! He's a natural born talent!

Dad's been working a lot these past couple weeks, so EZ and I have been home and enjoying our time together. We miss him when he travels.

I think we're all caught up now. Hopefully my blogging will be more frequent. I'm trying hard to become more familiar with my iPhone!


Mummy's got an iPhone!


and she's not afraid to use it!

Expect to see more blogging directly from my iPhone! Typos and all


My (new) Pharonics of Egypt Cossie!!!


Isn't it just fab?


Halloween and the tale of the perfect pumpkin


Halloween and the tale of the reluctant lion


The End!


October Apple & Pumpkin Picking


Our new living room and powder room!


It's been a long time coming. We're *almost* done.

Things are looking GREAT. Amazing, in fact.

Both the living room and powder room have been "de-Tuscan-ified".

We're now Mid-Century Modern chic in the living room.

The powder room is Gray, with black and white accents.

I can't wait to show you pics. I will, but I want to wait till it looks perfect.

Adair's done a great job and put in a lot of work.

I've helped too and not only with the design concept and shopping. I painted!

Wait till you see the "Before and After" photos. We hope you like it.

We are so grateful for our new home, and we love that we're slowly personalizing every detail.


H1N1 is stupid. You can quote me on that.

Don't worry - Halloween pics of EZ are incredibly cute, but I'm having technically difficulties in trying to upload them. They'll be up soon and I can assure you that they are worth the wait!

Back to the blog post topic. The H1N1 hysteria has freaked me out a bit. I've been debating about whether to get it for myself, and moreover, whether to get EZ vaccinated. When the healthy 13 yr old died in our community last week I got even more freaked out. Then a couple of loved ones in my family got it (why is there such a stigma attached to having swine flu?), and that REALLY freaked me out. Further, the media has been reporting 8-9 hr wait times at flu shot clinics, which really wouldn't be oodles of fun with a 9 1/2 month old.

So yesterday evening I happened to drive by the clinic in our area. It was practically empty. On a whim, I rallied the troops (or called Adair with my new Bluetooth) and we met up at the clinic. We were immediately told that it was open only for people at high risk. I'm told this when I'm carrying my 9 1/2 month old. Good grief. I smirked and said something a bit sarcastic under my breath and waited in line. When we were registering with the clinic (which was less than 3 mins after we arrived), I was able to talk her into giving both me and Adair the shot too! Win.

EZ was amazing. He cried for less than a minute, then moved onto more fun things like playing with my necklace and chewing my Blackberry (which I'm hoping to replace with a iPhone VERY soon!!!).

After the shots, we came home and I immediately went to dance class and rehearsal. I didn't think about the shot until 2am when I woke up to EZ crying hysterically. Then I realized that my arm was incredibly sore and I had the chills. Stupid H1N1. Adair was doing better than me, so he got up and was able to comfort and calm EZ. He also got me 2 extra-strength tylenol so I could sleep.

I felt ok today at work until about 11am. Then I felt like I was hit by a truck. I've been feeling cruddy (fever, aches, chills) ever since. Why did I do this to myself?!?!?! Obviously because I'm typing this post, I'm feeling a hint more alive. I'm planning on feeling amazing tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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