Out of the loop



It seems as though all my girlfriends are having children and I feel like I'm lagging behind. I have so much I want to do before I have kids, so I'm not stressing about it. To be honest, I feel sad about it. I know it will happen in good time and I know the time is not right now.

One of the best things I can do now is achieve my perfect weight, so if pregnancy happens, I will be a well prepared yummy mummy. I've been a dancing and cardio queen lately, so I'm feeling great.

But sometimes I really do feel out of the baby loop... But my time will come, then I'm sure I will long for the days when I could spend my days in unabashed luxury and decadence. My priorities [and sleep patterns!] will change. Our lives will no longer be about the two of us [or the three of us including Ginger!].


Lulu Dreams


I have a passion and it's not even a secret passion. It's a passion/addiction I support with too-often trips to the store. I love Lululemon Athletica. I love and live their manifesto. I love walking into the streamlined, fresh stores with the colourful luon tops and bottoms neatly placed, calling out to me to try them on. Whenever I wear their athletic wear I'm inspired to love more healthfully and wholly. I love to run and dance and work out and lounge in all of their clothes. I feel chic and juicy whenever I wear Lululemon! And really, isn't that FEELING the reason we work out?


Raqs Habibi

Yesterday I was feeling hip shakingly fab and I wanted to take another class. Jo sent us an email inviting us to take a basics class whenever we want, so I decided to take advantage of the great opportunity. It was an awesome refresher class focusing on the the foundations of the dance. Sometimes I get so caught up in our choreography that I don't focus on drilling the moves to perfection. Jo reminded me yesterday how important it is to be constantly thinking about the essential elements of the dance - the knees are for movement, the thighs are for stamina, and the glutes are for control. I would love to learn to be a teacher one day too. I'd like to work towards that goal. I love the dance. I feel powerful. I feel beautiful. I feel like the real me. Raqs Habibi!


Blank Blog...


The long weekend is waning. So much to blog about, but I've blanked AGAIN on all my ideas. We went to grandma's for Thanksgiving and it was lovely to be with all the family, but it was FREEZING! I also noticed that our family lacks real traditions, especially for such a meaningful holiday like Thanksgiving. I'm not being critical, just observant. I spoke to DH and we decided to create some of our own traditions with our own family. Speaking of which, we're TTC again. We'll see how that goes. We have a lot of research to do.

I started running in the mornings w/ a buddy last week. It went well and I'm very excited to continue! With all my rehearsals and running, I'm going to be impossibly fit and chic in no time.

We're so excited for our trip! 32 days! I can't wait for the shopping in the souks! I'm going to buy laterns, tea sets, bellydance costumes, slippers, sandals, purses, fabric, etc! I'm hopeful the colours are as vibrant, the smells are as aromatic, and the sites are as memorable as I imagine them to be.

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