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Merry Christmas!



A Sample...


Hello friends.  Sorry for neglecting my little blog.  I forgot how life-consuming a newborn is.  Hopefully I will be back soon with regular blogging...

Until then, here's a sneak-peek sample of the amazing photos my friend Megan took of our newest addition, Little A, this past week.    


EZ's first haircut!


Ez had his first haircut on November 20th at a salon in our town that specifically cuts children's hair.  When booking his appointment, the receptionist asked how old he was.  When I said he was only 22 months she was shocked.  I told her that our little guy was pretty much bald until he was about 15 months old.

En route to the salon! Looking so cute!

Here we have some "Before" photos...

The very cool Race Car seat that would be EZ's!

And so we begin with a little water...

Here come the scissors!  The stylist was QUICK with those scissors. No fooling around when the toddlers have such a short attention span.

In addition to cool chairs, TVs playing, the salon also provided toys to offer some distraction.  My son, of course, chose the truck.

Let's just say EZ didn't love the hair dryer.

So we let the curls air dry for the most part.

The salon even gives out balloons at the end, as well as a certificate and a lock of his hair in a little organza bag.  So cute!

We also treated him to a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train whistle.

 All in all, I'd say EZ's first hair cut was a big success! 


The Hair...


I've been meaning to post this for quite some time.  But we've had major technical difficulties in our house.  

Shortly after beginning my pre-mat leave vacation, my computer crashed.  Seriously.  It just gave up the ghost.  I knew it was coming.  The computer had the death rattle in her voice every time she turned on.  We knew the end was near.

We just didn't imagine it would be at the most inopportune time EVER. 

Anyway, after much anguish, time and because of the generosity of my parents, we have a new computer.  An iMac no less.  We are so completely blessed.  
Now I'm able to blog and upload gratuitous photos of my new hair extensions - oh yes, and lots of photos of my 2 kidlets too. Ahem.

My sister jokes that I look like a Kardashian.  I think that's a compliment? Anyway, my life is all about the hair now.  Thank goodness I'm on mat leave so I have time to do my hair.  Just kidding.  Right?


D-Day Redux

So here I am - about 20 mins before going into the O.R. 

I was SO thrilled to be having a c-section.  I've heard the horror stories, but seriously...compared to my other option, the c-section seemed like a piece of cake. And it was.  I had amazing doctors, my husband by my side, a clear mind, no pain, and NO NERVE DAMAGE! Take that, femoral neuropathy!

The actual procedure was about a half hour, and then I was taken to a recovery room for an hour where my amazing mom was waiting.  Adair went off to call/text family and friends our good news, and my mom and I were able to bond with Little A.  She took to nursing straight away - she's a hungry girl like her mom!

We settled nicely into our room in the maternity ward. There was a waitlist for a private room, so we shared with a very nice family.  They didn't arrive till about 10pm, so we had the room to ourselves for quite some time.  My family came to visit.  My mom and sister each brought the most gorgeous flowers - lovely Holiday bouquets - so fresh and modern.

Little A's first night went well.  I held her all night long - I couldn't bear to put her in the little crib.  She nursed and we hung out together all night :)
Saturday went really well too.  Both of us were doing really well {apart from me passing out from trying to do too much!}, so I was hopeful we'd go home sometime on Sunday.  I had a shower and washed my hair on Saturday night, and started to feel like a new woman!  Then, late Saturday night, I got the ok to eat, so having Timmy's soup and a sandwich in my belly gave me such energy.  I felt amazing!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, EZ really took to Little A.  He was a bit apprehensive at first {especially because he's just 23 months old!}, but soon enough, he came to adore her.  "My baby", he calls her, as he pats her head and touches her nose. 

Sunday morning came.  I did my hair, make-up, put on real clothes, and by 10am when the doctor came to see me, he said I looked great and I was able to go home.  I was SO excited.  Less than 48 hours before, I hadn't even delivered.  This was a true blessing.

So home we went.

My mom spent the afternoon with us as we settled into our new life with our newest addition.  We cuddled, nursed, relaxed and were in awe of how easy this delivery and recovery was going.  My sister and her family brought dinner over and we spent the evening trimming the Christmas tree.


Introducing Aviva Zara!


This gorgeous little girl joined our family last Friday.  She's healthy and lovely, and we adore snuggling with her.  

{She adores being snuggled too - 24/7}. 

My c-section went smoothly and I feel amazing.  I came home less than 48 hours after delivery - a much different scenario than my last delivery.

Things at home are great.  It doesn't seem that huge of an adjustment to life with a newborn, probably because Little A is so well-behaved and has such a sweet disposition. 

 We are having a great time with her.  EZ loves her too.  He calls her "My baby", and insists on touching her head every time he sees her.  He says, "Awww...soft..."  


Sabres Celebration!


Early last week, my sister invited us to a Buffalo Sabres game this past Friday, and having never to one of their games before, we excitedly accepted the invitation.

It was also a mini-celebration of sorts since it was also my last day of work before I started mat leave!

We had amazing seats, just 11 rows up from centre ice.  It was GREAT to be part of the game, and experience the NHL outside of the Leafs bubble of Toronto. We've been to a few Leafs games at the ACC before and found them to be fun, but the Sabres game had a totally different feel to it.

One of the major differences was that there did not appear to be anyone in suits. Very unlike Toronto! The Sabres fans are hardcore.  My 9 year old even commented that there were many more people wearing jerseys than at a Leafs game.

We also enjoyed the Harbour Club at the Sabres game.  It's like a private club, I guess, and had REAL food - not hot dogs and nachos.  We had to be early to reserve fancy tables, but during the 2nd intermission we enjoyed delicious fatty foods - like roast beef sandwiches, potato wedges and, of course, Buffalo Wings!  

For future reference, don't rub your eyes after eating buffalo wings - even after you've cleaned your hands!

I think one of the best parts of the evening, apart from spending time with my sister and my nephew, was that the Sabres WON! They came back from behind, and ended up winning 4-2!  It was an exciting game.  I'm used to my local teams always losing {I'm not exaggerating}, so it was thrilling to be part of the home crowd of the winning team!

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