Mindful Jars & My New Article!


I started writing for Fort McMurray's Child Magazine!

Click here for my first article!

I wrote about making Mindful Jars with my two kidlets, who are budding yogis :) I am so blessed to have such wonderful children.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial via the link here :)



Happy Spring 2014 Mantel :)


I'm actually really excited about this season's mantel.

Especially because mostly everything was purchased right here in Fort McMurray, at Walmart no less! Budget-friendly decorating and craft supplies are quite hard to come by here, especially since we have no Michael's or Homesense. I was pleasantly surprised how cute some of the Walmart items were, especially the photo frames! Also, the wreath was a steal at $14!

I chose bright colours to really amp up the Spring-y-ness :) It's been a long, cold, white winter {and it's still going strong}, so our home needed a jolt of joyful and vibrant colours.

Though it's still cold and wintery outside, the calendar says it's Spring. In the famous words of "Field of Dreams" -- "If you build it, they will come" -- I figure if I decorate as if it is Spring, perhaps I can manifest it? 

Here's hoping for longer days, green grass, the emergence of flowers, and a warmer sun.

Happy Spring, indeed!


Kitchen Update - A RUG!


I've been mulling over some kitchen updates for awhile. I want a new table, new chairs, and a new rug.

Most folks I ask wonder why I would ever want a rug under the dining table. Between the food crumbs and the kids, it may seem like not only terrible idea, but a recipe for filth. I get it. 

But there is a method to my madness.

1. I want something soft underfoot that will quiet the noise of the chairs moving. Hate the scraping tile noise. Grrrr....

2. I need to jazz up the joint a bit. It's been almost 2 years!

And NO, I didn't choose a thick pile, shag rug. I chose a rug that realistically meets the needs of our family. 

An OUTDOOR RUG! Yep, it can get wet. It's easy to clean. It can just be hosed off. No muss, no fuss. Totally durable.

See what a difference a rug makes?

I chose the Safavieh Courtyard rug from Wayfair.com in 8 ft by 11 ft. I also got it on sale! And delivered to my door in less than 2 weeks -- even way up north here in Fort McMurray!

  Here's a close-up of the rug. I love the Moroccan-esque pattern. It's bold but the colours subdue the pattern a bit.

I'm super excited for this purchase. I'm excited to have some more pizzazz in the dining area, and to finally have some quiet when we move the chairs! No more scraping on the tile :)


Wave Rider - Memories of Me & Maui :)


I've been waiting awhile to write this post. Mostly I was waiting for photographic evidence of my adventure :)

When we were in Maui in December, I had a few experiences crossed off my bucket list -- watching surfers at the BIG waves of Pe'ahi (or JAWS!), and my own adventures in SUP and surfing. A couple years ago I came across the documentary "Riding Giants" and I've been obsessed with and inspired by surfing ever since. 

I set a goal to try surfing -- although it seemed like an audacious goal at the time, one December 2013 afternoon in Maui, I got my chance to realize my dream!

Surfing turned out to be a spiritual experience for me, as most of my life is :) I was nervous...like REALLY nervous, and I even tried to back out at the last minute. But I soldiered on -- feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The dry land training was cool because it felt like yoga, and I'm really good a cobra pose and balance poses :)  Then it was time to get on the board and out into the Pacific.

I wiped out the first time I tried to get up on the board. I felt defeated. But I also noticed that the water, albeit a wild force of nature, was not as scary as I thought. I paddled out again, and if I wiped out again, at least I knew I was giving it my all. This was GO TIME for me to realize my goal.

The next wave came -- and I caught it -- and I STOOD UP!  It was surreal.  I followed my gaze to the horizon at the beach though I felt like I wanted to fall. I looked down and there was a giant sea turtle surfing the wave with me. I felt like in that moment I was part of something bigger. My heart swelled with gratitude.

As I surfed the wave at that moment, with the turtle at my side, I felt a noticeable shift in my heart -- a feeling that I could truly accomplish anything I set my mind and heart to.

As it turns out, I am a natural surfer. I surfed for another hour, and got up every time. Let me tell ya, surfing is HARD WORK. Paddling against the waves to get out into the ocean to even try to catch a wave is tough. Like seriously hard work. But it was so worth it. 

I felt so blessed, so amazing, and so connected to my true spirit -- as a WAVE RIDER. Whatever challenges I face in life, I know that I can always surf the waves.  

I may wipe out or lose my balance, but I'll always get up on the surf board.

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