Another amazing day


Living with intention and dwelling in possibility has had a powerful effect on my life recently. I am focusing my attention to increasing our wealth. I had a GREAT idea today. I want to open my own custom scrapbook design company. I haven't figured out all the details, but I believe I will be wildly successful. There is a huge, untapped market for upscale scrapbook designers.

I also ordered The Secret dvd. It's impossible to find in stores, especially since it was on Oprah again this week.

Seriously - understanding and living the Law of Attraction is changing my life. I guess that means that I AM CHANGING and my life is changing with me. I feel a though I'm growing and stretching myself in ways that I never have before.

My mom has also signed up for the upcoming Secret workshop. I'm so excited to share this with her.


My amazing week


This past week I discovered The Secret. I've been practicing the Teachings all week and have had some powerful experiences. I feel different. I feel rejuvenated and delightful. I am so grateful and happy now that I am applying the Secret into my life. I am grateful that I am now dwelling in the possibility of all things GOOD. I am a radiant and successful person with so much to give the world. I am a phenomenal woman and I am in perfect health. Life is brilliant and decadent and fulfilling.

Practically speaking, I have twice applied the concept of self healing: I healed myself of painful shin splints and stopped a nasty paper cut from bleeding.

I also was channeling my thoughts into HOW I could have the opportunity to hear the Teachers live, and with a few short clicks on Google, I found that the Teachers are coming to my town in less than 2 months! I am truly empowered by my positive thinking. My Universe is truly in my hands. I am the Creatrix of my own life experience.

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