EZ does it - watering the garden, that is :)


On Saturday evening, after an eventful day, EZ decided he wanted to water the garden. 

By himself.  

He would only water one small section of the garden, but it kept him occupied for about 20 mins.

Isn't he adorable?


Rosh Hashanah Song - The Community Synagogue (Port Washington, NY)



Modest is the Hottest


I've been asked to give a workshop on Modesty to 12-13 yr old girls at an upcoming Church event.

In my research, I've come across this AMAZING website that's too good not to share with you. It allows you to pull together and style looks with clothes, bags, shoes, makeup and even music.  

Here's a sampling of what I've put together for my workshop.






My darling EZ has a best friend.  And it isn't me.  It's EZ's caregiver's son. 

Aren't they adorable?


Macy's: Heart ? or Hate?


I used to like Macy's.  I liked it a whole lot.  Every time we go south of the border, I make a special effort to go to Macy's.  The sales are great.  The shoe selection is amazing.  It's a good store.

But, alas, I've recently had an issue with them.  By way of background, I have a Macy's credit card from 6 yrs ago.  Unfortunately, after our 1st move to the Burbs, I lost the card.  I'm still able to use the credit card as the cashiers just need my ID and some other personal info.

As you know, we went to NYC in May and I hit up Macy's when I was there.  No major damage, but the card was definitely put to use.  I have yet to receive a statement from them, so I called the customer service telephone number because I want to pay the bill.

This is {basically} how the conversation went after an exchange of pleasantries, an explanation of my lost card, and our recent move in the last year:

Macy's: What's your account number?

MM: I just told you that I don't have it.  I haven't received a statement and I lost my card.  Remember?

Macy's: Oh yes {I then provide personal info so they are able to locate my account}.  Is your address XXX-XXXX?

MM: No, I just told you I moved, so I guess I need to update this.  Even though I'm 100% sure I did this last year in a store.  My new address is XXX-XXXX.

Macy's:  Your balance is X.

MM: No problem, I can pay the full balance immediately.

Macy's:  Is it a US Checking account?

MM: No, of course not. I already explained I'm Canadian.

Macy's: We only accept US checking accounts.

MM:  I have a credit card in my hand this minute, and I want to pay my full balance straight away.

Macy's: You have to pay at least $XX because you're behind one payment.

MM:  Well, that's why I called! I never received a statement.  And I want to pay the FULL balance now.  I don't understand what the problem is.

Macy's:  You can pay with your credit card or cheque via mail {to this weird address in Des Moines, Iowa}.  You must pay within the next 2 days.

MM: Fine {*exasperated eye-roll*}.  I need my account number then so I can refer to it on my payment.

Macy's:  I can only give you the last 4 digits.

MM:  How is this helpful?!?!?!

Macy's:  I am not authorized to provide your account number.

MM:  How am I going to refer to my account to pay the bill -- you know, the same bill I want to immediately pay in full, but you won't let me -- without the account number?!

Macy's: Well, I can provide you the last 4 digits.

MM:  Would my payment be processed based on that little information?

Macy's: Probably not.

MM:  Okay.  So let me be clear.  Macy's wants me to pay my bill.  Yes? Despite the fact I want to pay in full today, this very minute, Macy's will NOT allow me to do so.  Further, to pay by credit card, I must mail my personal information to this sketchy Iowa address, WITHOUT my account information, because Macy's refuses to provide it to me.

Macy's:  Yes.  Is there anything else I can help you with?

MM:  I seriously don't think so.




Happy Trails!

Remember that hike we went on a couple of weekends ago?

Yes...I {at 23 weeks preggo!} went on a hike.  In nature.  Not to the mall.  Like a REAL hike.

My nephew decided to join us, so here are some pics of our adventures!

We of course chose a hot, humid day - possibly one of the hottest of the year - for our family hike. The first part of the hike is a BIG incline.  I kept thinking, "What did I get myself into?!"
Yes.  I complained.
But my sweet nephew boldly grabbed my hand and said, "I'll help you.  You're pregnant."  What a darling!  We made it up the hill together.  He was such a good help with EZ too.  Ez just loves his cousins!



Sweetest Moments {and a little TMI}


Yesterday evening I started to feel nauseated {yes, I'm STILL having "morning sickness" at 23 weeks!} and had to run to the powder room.

{That's the TMI part - not too bad}

When I came out of the washroom, I had my hand on my head and immediately laid down on the couch in the living room. EZ noticed that I wasn't well, and put this hand on his head just like me and made the sweetest concerned little face. He said, "Ohhhhh" and ran over to me and gave me a hug! Isn't he adorable?

Then, while I was still lying down, I asked him where the baby is. He lifted up my shirt and pointed to my belly, and said, "Babybabybabybaby!" It was beyond cute!

Unfortunately this cute moment will not be captured on video, because frankly, no one except for my doctor needs to see my belly right now!


Did I mention EZ is ADDICTED to yogurt?


Wherever we go, whatever we do, yogurt needs to be on hand for EZ. This kid likes it straight up. No fruit. No sugar. Full fat. Balkan style. Seriously.

This is how EZ looks after feeding himself yogurt - he had 3 bowlfuls during our lunch out with the girls. Not to mention the 2 full bottles of milk.


This is what keeps EZ entertained at Church


It's the Sesame Street Monster Maker app for my iPhone. EZ is really good at making monsters - the options are endless. You can customize the monster's eyes, nose, hats and location backdrops.

Isn't it amazing how tech savvy toddlers can be these days? Soon this kid will have his own iPad and be showing me how to use it!

Until then, we'll settle for some Sesame Street fun on MY iPhone!


Some Spring Shots


Back in April, in the early stages of my 2nd pregnancy, I was a bit quiet on this blog. I was still taking tons of photos of EZ, but somehow couldn't find the energy to post them on the blog.

Here's a sample of my faves!

EZ just loves playing outside!

In the Spring, EZ discovered airplanes. At that time, however, he called all moving vehicles "cars". So everytime he saw an airplane, he yell, "Car! Car!" Very cute.

Love this photo of my little EZ. He's just soooooo adorable!

This photo is a bit blurry, but I heart his sweet dimples so much!

He adores his car. He's always in his car, and he likes to bring toys into the car with him. There's a tiny little trunk in the back of the car where he likes to put his treasures.


Sleepy EZ

How sweet is little EZ after a busy day at Church yesterday? So adorable!

Isn't his little tie the cutest?

And then again today, on the way to a petting zoo for a Family Fun Day, which is about a 10 minute drive, little EZ started to snooze. We didn't have the heart to wake him. We decided to let the little man sleep in his own crib, so we came home and he slept like a baby.

PS: Adair assured me that he put on EZ's hat straight on, then the cool little dude decided to cock it to one side. EZ, the hipster!

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