The show was fantastic today. Once I got home, my husband made me a delicious dinner, and then we watched Pilot Guides' Marrakesh City Guide on tv. The delightful memories of our time in Morocco flooded back. What an amazing time we had on our trip! It seems so long ago now, but as the tv showed the Djmaa el Fna, the maze of souks, the enchanting mella, the Ketoubia mosque, Jardin Majorelle, and the medina tannery, the images seemed so fresh in my mind.

The husband and I would love to return to Morocco. We often speak of it. I still follow up on local news and read Moroccan blogs. Living in Marrakesh would be a dream come true. I'd love to open a riad. A riad [Arabic for "garden"] is a traditional home. It doesn't look like much of anything from the outside, but inside it's Eden. The house is built around an open air garden, ideally with a pool or at least a fountain at the centre. Truly paradise. We would eat our breakfast [bread, cheese, yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice of course] out on the rooftop patio, overlooking the city.

Now all the husband needs to do is find a job in Morocco. He mentioned there's a big project going on in Algeria, but I'm not sure that'd be the same. I was strong-arming him last year to apply for a position in Libya, but I'm happy to report he turned me down on that one. My heart is set on Morocco for now. Or Dubai. I could easily live in Dubai. What it lacks in culture, it makes up for plenty in shopping!!!


"You still got it, kid"

Back in September I auditioned for a dance company for "dancing professionals, not professional dancers." It's a cool philosophy that you're never too old or too busy to put on your dancing shoes. I made the cut and since then, we've been rehearsing like mad for our show week in the City. It's been amazing to rekindle the passion I had for dancing as a kid. The rehearsal schedule has been arduous, especially considering that I already have bellydance rehearsals 5-6 hrs/week and I'm 13 weeks pregnant! But it's been worth it to strap on my tap and jazz shoes, and get back into the "swing" of things. I'm in 6 numbers, which is plenty considering my schedule. It's been so amazing to meet other professionals with the same passion and commitment for dance. Today is our last performance of the season. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this incredible dance company for this season and will look back on this time with the fondest of memories.


150 is my new favourite number!


I went to the doctor's today for a follow-up appointment. I didn't expect him to have used the doppler today to look for bebe's heartbeat. Before we started, he warned me that because I'm only in my 13th week that we may not be able to find it. Lots of women apparently cry over such things, but I assured him my bebe's sticking considering how crappy I feel. It didn't take long to find the quick little heartbeat - 150 bpms. According the old wive's tales, anything over 140 is supposed to be indicative of a girl! I joked with the doctor about this, and of course, he says that it's not true. I said that it better be a girl because I'm getting uglier by the day! [Girls are also supposed to steal their mummy's beauty and I look wretched lately]. If this little thing is a boy, I got plenty of problems!

The doc also said I have zero risk factors ;) The only thing is that I've lost 2 lbs! ME!!! Lost 2 lbs! He said he was worried about me not eating enough! I assured him that I'm the queen of pasta and poutine, and he's got nothing to worry about. I honestly think I put on a little weight as soon as I became preggo, and now I'm eating more healthfully so my weight may be balancing out. It was just ironic to hear from a doctor that he's concerned I'm not eating enough!!! SO far from the truth I say, as I enjoy my soft taco supreme - thank you Taco Bell!!!

**This isn't my bebe in the pic.



My blog has been on hiatus for some time now. Given my current "condition", I'm lacking the requisite energy to keep up with it. Since "falling pregnant" [as the Brits would say], I've had a few retrospectively funny experiences. I've fallen asleep twice while driving - it's scary but true. I've taken to sleeping in my car at particularly inopportune times - once was through an entire block of church. I've had several episodes of incessant vomiting. I can't eat, smell or even think about chicken - just writing the word makes me gag a little. I don't like cooked vegetables. I haven't gained weight, but it's unfortunately redistributing to my already padded mid-section. The exhaustion is crushing. All in all, I've come to the conclusion that my baby bean is poisoning me. But hey, despite all my complaints, I'm delighted to be a mum-to-be. It can only get better from here...

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