Thriting Thursday is back this week!


I haven't been thrifting {or even shopping that much lately}, but here are a few of my thrift store finds from the last couple of weeks {my camera is still missing, so iPhone is still pinch-hitting!}:

A cool brass bamboo-style magazine holder - $3.  I can't decide if I want to spray paint it white or gray.  What do YOU think?

A sweet medium size chest {it's about 20 inches high} for $4.99 at Value Village.  I saw a similar one at HomeSense for $299. It's a bit yellow, so I'm going to repaint it.  This weather greige oak is all the rage now. I think I'll try that!

After a major drought of Pyrex, I scored TWO pieces at my local Salvation Army this week! This is my first clear glass bowl. Very exciting!!

...And I got this creamer/gravy boat thing. $2.99 and it perfect condition! I heart vintage Pyrex!

I scored these frames at the same Salvation Army for $3.99 each.  They are a tad gaudy now, but I'm going to spray them high gloss white and put them on my faux mantel.  Can't wait!!


Emerald Inspiration


Emerald Inspiration
I found an emerald green maxi dress at yesterday, and was totally inspired by the bright & fresh color. Totally SPRING. I knew I was on the right track when Lonny Magazine's Blog featured Emerald in their Of the Moment section. Now I've gotta get the dress!

Emerald Inspiration by Mummy Maggie featuring a sheer dress


HomeSense Scores


So. First things first.  EZ lost my camera.  I'm sure it will turn up, but until then, we're back to craptastic photos from my iPhone.  I guess I could wait till we find the camera, but I'm too excited NOT to post today.

Moving right along...
This past weekend, I scored HUGE at HomeSense {for my non-Canadian readers, it's like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx}.  HomeSense is one of those places where you have to go a few times a week and hit up several locations. And that's just what I do.  

But I only buy what I absolutely LOVE, or else I'd be B-R-O-K-E!

So here are my latest finds:
Love the fleurs-des-lis design hooks for my front entry.  The wood is painted gray and the fleurs-des-lis are iron-like.  A hint "shabby", but very chic - especially at $7.99!

A winder view of the hooks at my front door...

I found these two mismatched shelves that "GO" together to create a mantle space in my kitchen. I have a fireplace mantle in my living room, but the TV is currently occupying the space over the mantle.  Yes, I'm one of those people. Don't roll your eyes. I styled the mantle with what I could find on a Sunday evening around my house.  I plan on making it more Spring-y soon. The bottom shelf is a bit wider {in terms of depth}, while the upper shelf is more of a photo frame shelf.  I had originally thought of putting LACK shelves from IKEA, but these are way cuter for the same price - $19.99 each.

Here's the full shot of the space in my kitchen.  I created a little storage area to house craft projects I'm working on {think gray & white felt rosettes!}, kids crafts supplies & educational material, library books and other things.  Please ignore the current messy state of my bins :)

And here's an outdoor bench - for $59.99!!  Outdoor, yes, then why is it at the foot my bed? Because it's FREEZING outside and I want to appreciate it.  I can't wait to style it up with some fun outdoor pillows!

***On another note - my chevron wall is featured today by Kristen at her lovely design blog - High Heels & a Hammer. Check it out!


The Hope of Spring


Despite the fact there's a foot of snow outside my house right now, my plan is to will Spring here by posting a photo of Aviva {who's name means Spring in Hebrew}. This scrapbook page is currently displayed in our hallway - it's Spring-y, don't you think?


Silhouette Dreams


I am in need of this little sucker. It's a Silhouette and it's awesome. 

I've entered countless giveaways on many blogs to win this little gem, but alas, I am still Silhouette-less.  
So I'm putting it out there into the Universe that I am going to own one soon.  You know, like using The Secret and all!  Hey, don't knock it till you try it!

 I am in awe of all the beautiful things that can be made with this little machine.  It would make my vinyl projects easier & cheaper {I don't have to pay someone else to do something I can do myself} and it now has a feature for etched glass and fabric!  I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

So Universe, what do you say? Will you make the Silhouette mine? Soon please?  I have so many projects that need the Silhouette love?

Here are some blogs that love the Silhouette as much as I do!



Sometimes I like to just look at my chevron wall.  Seriously. I like to just stand at the front door or even sit on my new bench and ogle at its epic coolness, and also dream about the finished product {which feels like it's taking FOREVER. I'm not a patient person}. I keep telling Adair that we need to finish it quickly or I'm going to change my mind...

It snowed today so the light is good.  I decided to take some more gratuitous shots of my wall, my EZ and Ginger.  Here you go, y'all...
Pretty, pretty.  The Louis chairs from have found a temporary home here.  The red felt flowers are going to be moved, as I'm currently working on gray & white felt roses! Please ignore the rug in the reflection of the mirrored sideboard - it's waiting to be set up.

Looking at my glorious chairs reminds me of a Gossip Girl episode a couple of weeks ago {did I just out myself as an avid GG fan?}, and Serena had the ghost chairs in her living room - but they had PADS!  Very interesting idea.  Maybe for the future. I like mine just the way they are.

EZ insisted on getting into the fray.  He makes this weird/ridiculously cute over-smile whenever I say "cheese."

This is EZ's attempt at relaxing his smile.  Clearly he hasn't watched too many ANTM episodes where Tyra insists the models "smile with their eyes."  Probably a good thing.

EZ had enough of photo-taking and grabbed the soccer ball.  Man, this kidlet is going to miss his current "soccer pitch" - aka my soon-to-be-finished dining room.  Luckily it's almost going to warm enough for him to play outside. Maybe he won't notice...

Ginger also wanted to get in on the photo action.  I wanted to snap another photo of the new bench because: 1) I added another pillow {Black, white & gray geometric pattern scored at Value Village for $1.99!}, and; 2) I added gray moc croc boxes on clearance from Urban Barn to the bottom shelf.  I wanted to add patterned fabric boxes, but I had these on hand so I made it work.  I love how it turned out.  My friend is currently sewing me a yellow chevron pillow too!

I changed out the old photos from these frames and replaced it with some cool B&W photos we had done in December.  They look more art-y.

Ginger loves the new oversized entry rug from Ikea.  She just got her hair did, but you can't tell.  I guess I wasn't clear enough in my description to the groomer. I won't make that mistake again.

When EZ noticed Ginger was getting the attention, he plopped himself down on the rug too.  Not that Mummy is complaining. It's hard these days to snap shots of EZ - he's ALWAYS on the go!

Ah the sweet smiles of my 2 yr old little dude and his best friend, Ginger.


How can you tell I'm from Northern Ontario?

Because I purchased this very cool Moose head trophy!

Yes, it's cardboard.  And it's very chic. Trust me.

You can hate it and still love me.  It's ok.

I've seen similar trophy heads sell for $200-300, so this little gem with such a cool factor for a mere $28 - sign me up!


More Chevrons? YES PLEASE!


As you probably have figured out, my love for and devotion to chevrons is die hard and true.

I've now added chevrons on canvas to our family room wall.  Our family room already has a pop of yellow from the thrifted dresser we use as storage & tv console, as well as the DIY chandelier. But I needed something to tie the yellow to the walls. 
Enter the chevrons painted to canvas.

We had some extra paint left over from the dining room wall chevron project and the dresser DIY makeover, so I thought it'd be cool to repeat the same pattern and colour palette upstairs - you know, link the main floor & second floor by design.  Tried and true interior design trick.
I purchased the canvases from Michaels when they were on sale - marked down to $7 each.  As I mentioned before, the paint was already on hand.  So the project came to $28 for custom wall art that adds such a punch to the wall and the room.
I think my next two projects in here will be: 

1) Painting a gray stripe behind the tv to camouflage the the giant tv {or perhaps do a gallery wall with cool prints!}

2) Paint a chalkboard on the side wall - pretty much floor to ceiling. I think. To be determined.
Oh the fun of DIY Design!


Urban Baby Gear


During our impromptu adventure to the City on Saturday afternoon, I came across this adorable {and relevant!} book, "Urban Babies Wear Black."

I snatched it up immediately.  I'm often questioned why Little A wears black.  Usually the commenters say, "Oh, I've never seen a baby wear black before!" I respond that my baby is chic & stylish.  I don't understand the disdain for kidlets wearing black clothing.  Perhaps it may be for me the equivalent of anything plaid for children. Ewww...not my style at all.
Anyway, the book is lovely and I've ordered a few more in the series!  You can never have too many books around, I say!

I also overpaid for bought  this cute onesie!  It's Babybook - like a Facebook profile page for babies.  As a social media maven, I thought it was perfect for our little girl born in the age of the prevalence of Facebook.  Now I need to find a Twitter onesie and I'm set!



Projects update!


So many projects, so little time!  I know it will all get done eventually.  I just keep having to remind myself of that. And it will all be worth it.  

Here's how we're coming along...

The Louis Ghost chairs were picked up yesterday. These are the ones I purchased from Design Republic via  I heart them, I just don't know what to do with them. Yet.

Aren't they simply wonderful?

I purchased this bench for my front hall recently. It's larger than the other bench and it's got storage. The best part is it's white faux leather, so it'll be easy to clean and it looks crisp and bright. I added the pillows for more texture and to flow well into my dining room.  I need to add a yellow chevron pillow to make it pop.  I've also ordered art for above the bench.  Can't wait! You can also see I added a larger rug to the entry way.  I like it because it's gray & white and it tones down the tile floor which isn't my favourite colour, but won't be changed out any time soon.

Here's what the rug looks like for the front entry way.  Ikea - $29.99. You can't go wrong.

I found these cool lamps @ HomeSense for $59 each.  They are quite a substantial size, which is exactly what we need for our bedroom.  More info about changes to our master bedroom furniture/layout to follow. lovely dining table -- all primed and ready to be sprayed!

Remember how these chairs and the table looked before - you can really see a difference even when they are primed. This set is going to be fab. I happened upon a fancy store downtown Toronto yesterday and saw THESE EXACT CHAIRS painted white and reupholstered, selling for $1400 for the set of six chairs ONLY.  I think we did well getting the table & six chairs for $150.  With a little elbow grease, they are going to look better than the ones in the upscale furniture shops!

I found this cool Moroccan style table in WHITE {you know, to go with my Modern Moroccan master bedroom} for 50% off.  I didn't pick it up because I'm not sure where it will go, but I thought it was cool.

My mom spied this light fixture yesterday for my dining room. It's EXACTLY what I want - a glass cluster pendant.  I am really digging this new trend in industrial lighting, and this has that "look" to it, yet it still sparkles and isn't so completely austere. And at $250, it's definitely more bang for your buck than the one I was originally going to get from West Elm for $199 {below}.

Although I still love this.  What I have to do is measure the length of the pendant and see which one will fit the space better.

 So that's the update on my {most} of my projects.  We're VERY busy at our house, but loving every second.  Oh, gotta go - Adair's giving me a sneak peek of the painted dining chairs!

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