My Word for 2013


The blogosphere is abuzz this time of year with chatter of resolutions, and there appears to be a trend to choosing a word that will define your year to come.

After much deliberation {actually, not true since the Universe pretty much SMACKED me in the face with this word repeatedly over the last week!}, my word for 2013 is...


 More accurately, the my phrase for the year is...


I am willing to make time to achieve my goals.

I am willing to embrace a more yogic lifestyle.

I am willing to release my fear of swimming {so I can go surfing in Hawaii!}.

I am willing to let go of my diet soda addiction.

I am willing to eat well to increase my endurance, health and wellness.

I am willing to do what it takes...

See? I am willing to do many things. And being willing doesn't mean deprivation or despair, nor does it mean immediate perfection is required.

To me, WILLINGNESS is all about an attitude of optimism and serenity: humbly surrendering your ego, your need for control, allowing you to give yourself permission to become who you really are. Willingness isn't about succeeding {or failing!} at short term resolutions; it's about having an open heart and an open mind -- making room for you to succeed beyond your resolutions. In fact, it's a REVOLUTION.

So spill it, friends. What's YOUR word for 2013?

PS: Here's a link to my 2012 Simple Revolution Post :) I think I did quite well. I love kale, I love sweating {almost!} everyday, and now I'm even training to become a yoga teacher!  Goal setting is SO important! 


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