EZ turns 4!


So my little guy is 4 years old now! How did that happen? Where does the time go?

We celebrated his big day yesterday with family and friends. He chose the theme for his birthday - Octonauts. Do you know how hard it is to find Octonauts stuff? Thanks to Etsy, we did ok for decorations and had a fantastic little party for EZ.

We kept decorations and food relatively simple :)

EZ was thrilled to have his little friends over. They played so well together. EZ loved opening his prezzies too. His friends and family know him well -- lots of Cars stuff, Hot Wheels, Kinnex, a new Burton snowsuit from Mummy & Daddy, and new snowshoes from Little A!  {The whole family also got snowshoes too! Happy Birthday, EZ!}

One of the most timely and hilarious gifts was from my brother and family -- A "Keep Calm & Gangnam Style" t-shirt! This is bar none EZ's FAVOURITE song!  As soon as he opened the gift, he screamed, "Oppa Gangnam Style!" He quickly ripped off his buttoned-up collared shirt, threw on his Gangnam tee and started dancing. Even Little A started horsey dancing when she saw it! What an awesome gift!

The birthday celebrations didn't end at the party. EZ asked to go to the "box truck restaurant" {AKA the family-friendly local "Montana's" restaurant}, where we had meal and this happened.
EZ was hilariously annoyed throughout our dinner when other birthday celebrants were sung to by the Montana's staff. He pouted and said it was his birthday, and not anyone else's. We asked him to be patient and sure enough, after dinner, the staff congregated at our table with giant antler headgear {do you think they clean it after each use? shudder...} and ice cream!

  Not to be outdone in ridiculous cuteness, Little A figured out how to eat her ice cream without using her hands. It was adorable to watch her figure this out, through trial and error, finding the best seat placement, head angle and speed.


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