Life Update - Winter 2013


Okay. Seriously. Where does the time go? It's been TWO WHOLE MONTHS since I last updated. Like everyone else on the planet, we're a busy family with lots going on. And frankly, after a working all day long and the hours-long drama of putting kidlets to bed, updating the blog late at night is a lot less interesting than vegging out with the Real Housewives of wherever. 

But I miss blogging. I miss recording our adventures. So here I am :)

Here's a bit of an update of the last two months:

DIY Home Projects:
  • We're making GREAT progress on the built-in bookshelves -- but I guess you don't even know about that, so that's a blog post in itself!
  • Remember this post from back in October about "Paint it Black"? I've been waiting for TWO months for wallpaper samples to finalize our choice because our bedroom is GOING BLACK! It'll be a huge master suite transformation that will include our room, ensuite bath AND our closet {but don't tell Big A that just yet!}
  • In the Spring, we're embarking on a play room makeover too. With space being a premium in our home, we need to make better use of that space :)
Family Life:
  • On top of my full-time work, my yoga teacher training, and motherhood -- I've decided to add GRAD STUDENT to my plate. Yep, that's right. I start my graduate studies on Monday! So excited!
  • Kids are wonderful -- they are growing up so fast, and they deserve their own post.
  • It's still FUH-REEZING in Fort McMurray - like it's -29 degrees celcius + windchill. And it snows almost everyday! We're really looking forward to Spring!!
  • Big A and I ventured to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sans kiddos for a week back in February. It was as fabulous as you can imagine.
  • Yoga is now part of my life, not just something I do on weekends, and I couldn't be more grateful for the magic and power of Yoga in my life. I see it's effects rubbing off on my kidlets so I couldn't be a more happy swami mummy! 

So there you have it -- a brief overview of our busy life in #YMM. I am so incredibly grateful for our new life here in Fort McMurray. We're coming up on our one year anniversary of moving to #YMM. It was the best {albeit the CRAZIEST!} decision we ever made. Our lives have completely changed. We have met amazing people, had wonderful experiences, and have been blessed with more opportunities than we dreamed of -- and it's only been a year!     

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